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Storm Damage Insurance Quotes

We Charge for insurance Quotes

As a timber building supplier we are able to provide you with a full written quote for a replacement building , subjet to the terms set out below.

We are in business to make money and are not subsidiased by any government body or insurance company or group.

On that note we do not work for FREE as some people appear to think is the case now days!

What we need from you

In the first instance we will require a set of good quaility images of the damaged building which need to be emailed along with your full contact details including a post code to - 

Try to make them a comprehensive as possible and from a few different angles.

The reason we ask this is beacuse other damagae may have been caused to the likes of fencing, green houses, lean to or the likes which may require further attention . Depending on the complexity of the damage it may be possable for us to quote for the whole job.

As soon as we receive these images and you description of the building - please include its size, shape and if possible the original supplier it was purchased from ! We can then evaluate the damage if it can be repaired or needs fully replacing.

We charge up front for our quotes

Due to the massive and ever increasing amout of time wasters most suppliers now receive we have been forced to start charging for insurance quotes. This fee ( which is £30 ) will then be deducted from the bill once you make a purchase. As previously explained we are here to make money and it takes time to respond and complie insurance quotes , there for we can not be expected to do it for nothing .

What happens if you like our quote

If you have done your due dilligance and checked over our web site which is fully priced , there should be NO SHOCKS at any price you recive from our selves. It will NOT be over inflated in any way and reflect the prices on the web site . Plus any additional work you require us to do .

We will ONLY be be quoting to replace likes for like as we see it and subject to you supplying some pictures of that building so we can keep it on file .

Please DO NOT ask for us to commit fraud and say you have a larger building than you actually have .

We value our reputation long term working with insurance companies and the public alike. For us  to that of making a quick few pounds to save you money and losing that reputaion, is simply not worth it to us , you may find other suppliers who will ! but that is up to you and you have been warned .

Insurance companies and their assessors have acsess to massive amounts of information and you may find your self being black listed unable to obtain insurance and not being paid out at all .

Firstly it will not usually be your choice , but that of the insurance assessor in charge of your case who decides where the building is purchased from .

It never has or ever will be the case where we hike up the price of a job just because and insurance comapny is paying for it . We have a simple a clear set of principles which is that we ALL even us have to pay for insurance and the miss use and abuse of this system , especially as we have seen in motor claims business puts up ALL our premiums to pay for over inflated, fraudulent and scam claims. 

The very worst that will happen is you lose £40 and we get paid for our time and effort compiling that quote. 

Of course we are always here to offer you assistance and advise free of charge.

If you are unsure please ask your insurance company to contact us direct . The web site is online 24/7 and is fully priced .

Insurance Quotes

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