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Installation Services By City Centre Sheds

Logcabin Installers

We erect other suppliers log cabins and timber buildings nation wide - email for a quote

Log Cabin Fitters

We fit other log cabin suppliers buildings any size any shape.

Garden Sheds Installers

Garden Shed Fitters

All Prices Quoted On Our Web Site Include FREE FITTING ... * Exept for Log Cabins as fitting is priced separately on an individual cabin size and shape.

Delivery - within 30 miles of Liverpool L1 0AH - outside this area there will be an additional delivery charge.

Installation FREE - within 30 miles of Liverpool L1 0AH providing you have a solid level base ready before we arrive we will install your building for you. FREE OF CHARGE .

If your base is not ready or is not solid and level and our fitters think its construction may cause isues during the erecting process. They will have the option to leave the building for you to erect yourself .

If you require us to return and erect that building , full payment of the buildinng must be made there and then and a return fee agreed with our office . This fee will be a minimum of £50 but may be much more depending on the size of the buildng and where you are located.

There is NO CHARGE for this service it is done TOTALY FREE of CHARGE *

What you get for this FREE Service is the Basic Speedy Erecting Service. The building will be left fully erected and waterproof and in a usable condition. This does not mean the building is just thrown up and left in a mess.

The work must be carried out with the budget we have allocated for the job. The facts are now days a certain element of people are simply expecting to much of their money than they have actulay paid for. They think because they spend £500 we are to be at their beck and call ! when in fact we may well have as little as £40 profit in that £500 building not a lot to get excited about you will agree!.

After many , many years in business it has come to the stage now due to TV programes like "Martins Money Tips" and the likes a certain element of the public try to take advantage of suppliers.

Erect The Building Yourself

You are at Liberty to ask the staff to drop the building and you can spend as much time as you wish perfecting its construction to a level and finish you will be happy with, thus avoiding any concerns you may have about our services.

Know It All Joiners

This is especially so in the case of what we call " The Know It All Joiner " we get this all the time where client come on to us saying my friend , fella , husband , partner is a Joiner. So why if they are so qualified and knowledgeable are they not making the building for them ? Back seat drives is what they are - all talk , after 35 years hands on experience there is nothing we do not know or have not seen when it comes to garden buildings. These know it alls always appear after the event with their smart coments and we all know the sort dont we? No body likes a know it all.

If However you are looking for a higher level finish ( higher quality ) you will need to pay for our premium erecting service.

This will cost you between 15% and 20% of the buildings cost for the lads to spend more time on site - Lining up, packing out, levelling the buildings sections and so on. Labour as we all know is an expensive commodity now days and no one works for FREE.

In this very price driven age we live in where every one is looking for savings and the only way we can stay competitive is by reducing labour cost. We have a simple solution erect it your self and that way it will be done the exact way you want it and to a standard you can only blame your self if not happy!

If you are under any confusion what so ever about this service please phone - 01517090969 or email and we can explain any thing you are NOT sure about covered above .

Basically we have only allowed a minimum amount of labour in our costing to erect a building and as such you have no grounds to complain about a service you have NOT paid for, unless you have paid the premium erecting service with an extra fee of around 15% ( more on Cabins and complex buildings)

We will require clear unobstructed access to where your timber building is going to reside!

We do not carry or lift buildings over garages or any other large structures without prior written consent from our office as you will be required to pay an additional premium to cover the extra time we spend on site or in the extreme case when we need to send extra Labour to assist in the lifting you will be required to pay for that extra labour at our minimum going rate at that time. We are running a business and staff / labour costs are a big part of the job, you dont work for nothing do you? Nor do we!

Your Base

To take advantage for our *FREE fitting service your base MUST be ready before we arrive and in a solid and level condition. The floor bearers / supports under our floors always run the longest direction unless agreed in writing in adviance. If we arrive and you have your supports running the wrong way then the building will be just delivered for you to self erect . If you requre us to call back there will be a minimum fee of £50 to cover this cost.

In certain cases we may require you to sign a liability waiver to cover us in case any damage is caused to your property while delivering your building, but as part of our standard T+Cs you will agree to the fact to waiver your rights to take action aginst us for any damage caused during delivery as part of the ordering process. Our T+Cs clearly state do NOT order from us unless you agree to our T+Cs. These terms have been implemented due to the increasing groups of Scammers, Head Workers and Insurance Fraudsters we all hear about now days who try to defraud and obtain money from suppliers and insurance companies which eventually increase all our insurance premiums.

If we erect a building we bolt all the corners with a special screw bolt that firmly secures all the framework. Compare this with what a lot of providers do - simply smash some long nails in where they can and hope for the best. Unless you have a substantial fixing the shed will simply start wobbling after a few strong winds A good test is go to some of these show sites and give the buildings a good shove at the corners, just watch them start to lean over and the door come out of square ... what does that tell you? ... Simply that they want to get your money and don't give a damn about how long it will last.

We do delivery to most parts of the mainland UK with our larger buildings - workshops - summer houses - log cabins et al and as quoted above will negotiate a set fee with you during the order process.

These days basic garden sheds are so cheap there are only very slim profit margins in them if any at all ! ... for this reason certain small buildings are becoming un-economical to produce and will not be shown on our site. It would simply cost more in fuel to get a 6x4 garden shed from Liverpool to London than the total cost of the building itself.

There are some companies who specialise in the nationwide delivery of cheap sheds as they are such low quality it becomes a numbers game with them simply turning over money. you will find most of these discount suppliers will NOT erect their buildings !

We are a local Liverpool based manufacturer but do deliver and install nationwide on our larger workshops, summer houses and log cabins. Please contact us for a competetive quotation in respect to installation & delivery .

Base Laying Service

You Have A Selection Of Either

Remove Old Sheds

We also offer a complete service where we will dismantle / remove your old shed or summer house check out this service here Remove Old Sheds

Electrical Installations in Timber Buildings

If you intend to install electrics of any discription in a shed , workshop , summerhouse , cabin or timber building we supply . We will require you to inform us in writing and via email providing the NIC electrical document to prove that supply has been fitted correctly and safely in accordance with latest legislation.

On advise from our insurance brokers we will require detailed pictures to be dated and emailed so this can be keept on record encase of any insurance , fraud , or othe dispute which is on the increase in the UK as we all know . There is simply an increasing number of Insurance fraudsters looking to take advantage of the system

Do not start fitting any electrical equipment in any building we supply until you are happy with its design and construction.

Falure to provide these documents will make any and all warrantees, guarantees null and void.

You are advised NOT to buy a building from us unless you agree to these terms . They are set out for legal, safety, common sence reasons and more lately the increasing group of individuals who appear to try and use consumer law to their advantage.

Installation Service

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