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Spirit Based Timber Treatment

All our Timber Garden Buildings come with a first coat of water based timber treatment .

This is applied via a large dipping tank where all the sections are total immersied in the specialy designed liquid .

This first coat is vital as it penetrates in every nook and cranny , all the end joints and places you would not normally see.

This first base coat is more of a pester-side / anti fungal treatment than it is a water repellant although it does have a small amout of a wax based agent to assist in weather protection.


However for the long term durability of your building it will require a good coat of quality Timber preservative. We recoment a Spirit based produt like Cuprinol .

We say spirit based against water based as it is a far supiorior product . All thought  the Water based products appear to be more eco friendly , this is simply down to the fact they have very little active ingredients compared with the Spirit based products.

All the major DIY stores carry a wide selection of these products , but be carfull to ensure you are getting a Spirit based over a water based product . There is not as much selection of clours in these better products but your building will certainly last longer .

Cuprinol have their "Shades " range of Timber Treatment with a fantastic ranges of colours - BUT it is water based and will not last as long .

One solution is to firstly give the building a coat of Clear Spirit based treatment , which when fully dry you can coat over with the Colourful Shades range . This way you have ensured at least one deep coat of long last treatment has been applied . The Shades range however will still protect your building but not to the same extent as the other product.

As part of our comprehensive service we are able to offer you this extra treatment service as an extra service .

Use the drop down list below as a guide - simply select the nearest size  to the building you have and we will fully spray the 4 walls and under the floor with a quality Spirit based treatment for that fee once the first dipping has totally dried.




On Site Treating Service

Shortly we shall be introducing and on site treatment service , where we will travel out to your home and Re Treat Your Shed or Summer House in a selection of colours .

This will be done with a Quality Spirit based Treatment and sprayed on to your building Externally . The only problem we encounter is access to the building , especially if it has been pushed in to a corner. Because the spraying equipment has a long lance most of the time it is posable to reach into these restricted areas.

Please keep this on mind as you building will require some sort of regular treatment and our service will take away all the hassel of not only buying the treatment and the time and mess applying it.


Your Base

No matter how much you treat your building , if you have not got a suitable solid level base that will allow air to ventalate under it NO amount of treatment will stop the timber from decaying .

Please check out our base laying service and base advise if you are unsure on any of these aspects.


Extra Timber Treatment

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