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Shed Services

We offer a complete solution for the installation of garden sheds, log cabins, workshops, garages or summerhouses into your garden / property.

These Include :

  • Shed Bases
  • Rubbish Removal 
  • Concreting & Flagging
  • Fencing
  • Decking
  • Electrical Work
  • Plumbing
  • Landscaping - why not check out our Blog with lots of landscaping advise 

Here at City Centre Sheds Liverpool we have many, many years of hands on experience in the Timber Garden Building Industry.

We can offer you a range of shed services and suggest tradesmen and contractors we have successfully forged a working relationship with over the years to carry out all the above mentioned services.

The Old Fashioned Way

Although the internet is good for getting information fast , it will never replace good old fashioned hands on experience . You have no idea what so ever if the person on the internet knows his onions or not ?

We still like to do things the old fashioned way - you can call in and talk to people who have actually made garden buildings for most of their lives so they know what can and can not be done .

We are finding, that more people are looking to have work undertaken in their garden or home would simply prefer if all the work were undertaken by one company. We offer a full turn key package, it saves all the messing around trying to co-ordinate several tradesmen to remove an old shed, lay a new shed base, any decking work or electrical installations etc.

Bolting Sheds together

We are now one of only a very few suppliers in the UK that still bolt their buildings together . So if you are happy having your new shed held togeather by smashing a few screws or nails in to the front boads then more fool you. just go to some of these other suppliers show site and push the shed at the corners and whatch it lean over?

so what they going to say to you, what can they say to you?

So if they can not even get that bit right how long do you think that shed wil last?

The above and a few other piont may not seam much but they will matter after a few months when your new shed starts leaning over . It will not take you much time but please call into our show site where we can demonstarte some diffrences to you .

Any infomation you may require can usualy be answered instantly by one of our expoericanced staff either ove rthe phone, in pearson or via email

We have all the shed services you could possibly need all under one roof.

Payment Arrangements

Shed and Summer House Sizes

All building sizes quoted are Approx. ROOF sizes and NOT FLOOR sizes

Please contact us if you are not sure about any aspects of the infomation we have on this site . Do not Presume or Assume any thing ! Ask.