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City Centre Sheds Payment Terms

Here at City Sheds in Liverpool we have a very simple set of terms regarding paying for your new shed , summer house , cabin or workshop.

Depending up on which way you order will make a difference in not only how you pay but some times how much you actually pay .

By this we mean at certain times we may have online offers that are discounted on the web site for a simple click and purchase sale . See the product , select the options and pay secure online with your credit card . The price you see is the price you pay *T+Cs Apply 

When using the above method all credit card fees are included in that purchase.

Should you not pay in advance and select to pay on the day by Credit or Debit Card there will be a 3% surcharge to cover our admin costs and commission to credit card clearing providers who charge us a percentage fee on the total amount you use your card for. We do not make any money on this service they are simply additional fees over and above the discounted price we quote for the building.

Credit Card Fees

There is a major misconception that some clients have that they believe there are no fees involved when using a Debit type card to make payments ?

This is NOT the case for us retailers who use the credit card companies, Banks, pay pal online and virtual payment terminals .

No matter WHAT type of card we are charged an average  3% transaction fee on any amount of money we collect via this system .

We DO NOT get this money the card companies do to cover their costs and vast profits they make .

So for example on a £100 sale we would be charged £3 and on a £1500 sale we would be charged £45. So as you can see some one who may order a £2600 we would end up losing around £78 and in an already competitive market place where prices no days are to the bone these fees start adding up for us . It may be not concern you just on your one purchase but times this by say 10 sales you do the math !

So please expect to be charged a minimum 3% on top of the total price of the building if you pay via a credit OR debit card .

Direct Bank Transfers

If you select to make your payment direct from your Bank to ours then there are No fees involved what so ever . You simply pay the price that you have been quoted that simple. We will provide our Bank details up on request

What we ask is that once you have made any transfer that you copy and past that evidence and email it so us so we can quickly check on line that it has gone through OK .The problem in the past is clients have made Typos and ended up sending the money to the wrong account by mistake ! We can quickly spot this error and inform you of your mistake .

Payments By Cheque

We are still prepared to accept payments by the old fashioned methods on the condition the cheque is presented to us and a full 7 working days allowed for it to be proceeded . Once again a Cheque is only a PROMISE of payment an in fact has NO VALUE what so ever until cleared. We can NOT run a business on Promises . Since the great recession we have been put in by our miss managed and greedy banking system it is small business likes our selves who have been left to struggle.

If some one issues a Cheque and for what ever reason it is either cancelled or not honored the Banks will expect us to pay the fees - NOT you. In the rare event that this happens YOU will be expected to pay for any fees incurred in your Promise of payment not being Honored and we will email you copies of any fees we are charged as evidence .

You will NOT be allowed to pay for goods by cheque and take them away with you under any circumstances what so ever.

We DO NOT take cheques on delivery.

Payment by Cash

On the odd occasion and only on Local deliveries in the Merseyside , Wirral and Southport Areas will we accept ( COD ) CASH ON DELIVERY - NOT Cheque or Credit Cards .

We are fully aware that there is a still a certain element of people who like to deal in the old fashioned way , save up the Cash and pay for the goods when they have been delivered . This is not something we encourage for a number of reasons but mainly security / theft issues .

Although our staff are 100% reliable and trust worthy when handling and dealing with our clients payments , we need to be aware that there are an increasing amount of theft from cars / trucks and vehicles generally.

So if you wish to pay in this way we will need to know in advance where ever possible , but it is not or will be an issue .

Document's / Invoices / Bills

We do not use snail mail and in the event you need a copy  invoice / receipt this will be done via email .

When you make on line payments or even via phone if you are required to provide an email address to ensure electronic delivery of your receipt. If this is an issue please do not place an order with us.

General Payment Arrangements

All building no matter what size , shape or quality are to be fully pre paid for in full BEFORE leaving the factory . UNLESS special prior arrangements have been made in writing , this arrangement is something we where used to making many years ago before this modern -"look after my self and forget every one else " attitude some people have now days. 

When we feel it suitable we will agree to take a 50% deposit up front on the placing of the order and the balance payable in FULL on completion of the job in cash only . If you wish to pay your balance by credit card then it will need to be cleared during the time our staff are unloading the truck for reasons mentioned above - getting credit card clearance ! Reminder we do NOT take Cheques

The biggest problem we have in this day and age is getting clearance on credit cards . The simple problem is most clients do not realize that they are actually applying for credit each time they use their Credit Card ! So as such that application for credit may well be refused .This is totally beyond our control, we only want paying and will not get involved with my Banks says this and that arguments

Payment for Bespoke / Custom made buildings

Custom made buildings of any description or size must be paid for in the following way

50% deposit of Ordering

25% on completion of manufacture / day before shedualed delivery

25% when the building has been erected

In the case of any disputes or misunderstanding on sizes , dimensions or so on where you have no provided detailed , dated and approved drawings which we have confirmed back to you by email we reserve the right to hold the 50% deposit to cover our manufacturing over heads on that building. If it our mistake then we will of course offer a refund of  monies paid once the building has been removed .

Outstanding Payments

We are aware some people work away , go on Holliday and the likes but for no more than 2  weeks in most cases, but nowadays every one has access to the internet even when away so the excuses along those lines do not wash.  We are not a money leader or Bank and as such require payment for goods / services as they are provided . 

On the odd occasion full payment / part payment has failed to be made will write to you no more than 3 times to remind you of outstanding monies . After this 2 week period from the buildings delivery / fitting we will require an admin fee of £50  plus interest on all outstanding amounts .

Our interest rates are 5% per week or part of on outstanding amounts +  credit cards fees. 

If we have not recieved full payment within 4 weeks of the original building being completed we will then apply for a county court judgment against you with no further warning . Once this procedure has started you will also be liable for ALL our costs including court fees , internal and external admin fees even if you elect to pay up! 

It is this simple pay your bills and save us all a lot of time and your self unnecessary fees .


In the rare case we elect to refund a client no matter how you made your initial payment be it Cash , Cheque , Credit Card we will only refund you by Cheque . This cheque will be handed to you by our drivers once the building has been dismantled , inspected for any malicious damage you may have caused and placed on our truck

As in most cases we have delivered and erected this building FREE of charge at some stage we will have had to stand the cost of that delivery , paying for fuel , labour and ware and tear .

We reserve the right to deduct a minimum fee of £50 to cover our out of pocket expenses . The alternative to this is for you to dismantle and transport the building back to us at your expense. Upon inspecting that building we will then issue you with a full refund , once Agin by Cheque so as we have a record of that transaction .

In NO circumstances do we refund with CASH - Even if you paid by Cash.

Reason in this ever increasing bad economic climate there is a certain element of "head workers" who try to use the system to their advantage . It has happened in the past where we have refunded some one in cash and the next week they tried to take action against us for none payment.

A total con, this is why we will only pay via Cheque as we will have evidence of some one putting it into their bank account and reciving payment. Very Simple you will agree.