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Softwood and Hardwood Timber Gates supplied and fitted 

As part of our extra services we can supply and fit a wide range of timber gates .

With so many years of hands on expericance in the timber industry we have built up a close group of associates , one of whom manufactures gates .

Please send your enquiry to this email address -   include as much info as possable , the appox size and height , style and timber you are looking for . By this we mean either a cheaper softwood gate or the more expensive and longer lasting  harwood gate 


Using Oil To Protect Your Wooden Timber Gate
Timber gates made of attractive wood can look very rustic and natural, and are always a great choice for gating. However, a big disadvantage to timber as an outdoor material is that it needs to be protected from the elements. Wood is especially susceptible to weathering, warping, rotting, and other deterioration that can affect the appearance and function of the gate. 
Luckily, there is a solution. Treating the wood with oils can stave off the elements and make your gate last longer and look better. Oil is by far the most reliable treatment for wood.
Instead of oils, some people instead try to use simple surface coatings. the problem with surface coatings is that timber expanding and contracting with the weather will expose cracks in the finish. Once a surface coating has cracked, moisture will invade the wood if the gap is not retreated with coating quickly. Moisture penetration even through small cracks will compromise the integrity of the wood from within.
Oil works differently. Instead of covering the wood, oil treatments penetrate the timber and becomes part of the structure. This means that when weather causes wood to shrink or grow, the oil shrinks and grows along, providing a more permanent layer of protection. 
By penetrating the wood and taking up the passages water would normally use to travel through the wood, oil provides an impenetrable moisture barrier. Oil repels water, and by saturating the wood with oil, water will not be able to find any avenue through which to enter the wood. 
Best of all, application of oil to your timber gate is easy. All it takes is to generously apply the oil to the surface of the wood with a wide paintbrush. Getting an even coat isn't a concern; just keep applying coats until the oil stops being absorbed. The goal is to entirely saturate the wood so that no weaknesses remain for water to invade. 
Once you have treated the gate, just reapply a few times a year, particularly before wet seasons. Simple coatings of oil will ensure that the gate will not be vulnerable to rotting caused by water damage. 
As for the kind of oil to use, tung nut oil is generally the most effective. Use of tung nut oil for waterproofing can be traced back to ancient China, where it was used in making boats entirely sealed against moisture. Alternatives to tung nut oil include danish oil and teak oil, both of which can also be effective in guarding against moisture. 
With the proper treatment, a rustic wooden timber gate can be a great natural addition to a yard. It blends right in which the plants in your garden and creates a peaceful and wild feel to your property. While wood gates can be more susceptible to the weather than something like metal, the aesthetics more than make up for it. With simple applications of oil a few times a year, your gate can last just as long as a chain link fence, and be much more attractive. 

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