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Made in our factories we are proud not to be the cheapest , but certainly one of the best manufactures of Interlocking and sectional Garden Cabins in the UK.

Now days we see so much cheap imported , low grade timber garden cabins being sold in the Uk we thought we would take the bull by the horns and get things back to the way it was in the old days.

The days when” Britain” was “Great Britain”

The days when we actually made things in the UK , the good old days .

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If price is your only concern then leave this page now ! We are not into price wars and getting involved with silly low grade imported interlocking building the sort you see on Ebay that sort of low grade building always comes with a problem long term . You can simply not cut corners once you get to a certain size building and the only way a price can be lowered is by having somthing taken away from that building – simple. Yes you get a cheap building , but you also get the problems that go with it long term

That means not always thinner materials but some times the amount of materials used, simple things like reducing the number of roof spars so when we get a load of heavy snow your roof starts bending . What are you going to do then as most of these cheap online dealers will have long gone with your money. Or the clever ones have small print on their T+Cs print saying you need to beef up your roof spars and addd extra timbers if the building is exposed to UK weather ?

Now not every imported Garden Cabin is of a low quality , as we do in fact deal with some very reputable Eastern European suppliers who build to a standard and not a price!

If our great country is ever going to get back to the way it was we all need to start buying Britsh again , yes it may cost a bit more but that extra cost is going back into our country and the local community by the way of jobs and other benefits , rather than over seas .

Bulldog Logcabins

English Tradesman

Now we all now aware there is lots of cheap labour mainly our new European neighbours taking advantage of the UE rules on free movement which is all well and good but we very stronly beleave in giving jobs to English Nationals first , trying to keep basic skills alive for those to pass on to others in the future.

Buy buying a Cabin or Summer House from us you will be assisting in that process .

Check out just a small selection of our range below , where ever possible we have tried to copy or get as near to the main designs that are now imported in to the Uk as these designs have now become not only popular but practical in most cases.

Full Custom Made Garden Log Cabins

As we have the flexibility in manufacture we are able to offer you a much wider selection of buildings than other wise could be offered via and online discount site . We listen to your needs and offer only practical advise on what is the right building for the job and not the building that we make the most money from.

Full Nation Wide Log Cabin Service

Even though we are based in Liverpool , our great network of motorways make it easy for us to cover 90% of the Uk mainland .

80% of our work now goes South of Oxford because people are realising that due to our cheaper over heads up North you will get a better deal over all compared with manufactures in the South .

Full Turn Key Service

Here at Bulldog Cabins – City Centre Sheds we can offer you a full turn key operation which means we can complet the whole job from preparing the area for a base , supply and fit that base . Electrics or Water needed ? we can sort that as well , so you only need walk up to your new Bulldog Cabin and turn the key !

Obviously this is a lot more time consuming and expensive but in most cases it will need doing at some piont if you want to take  full advantage of your new building.

The biggest problem is getting these services to to your new building . Things we can not see such as –

  1. How far away will your Cabin be sited from your main power supply ?
  2. Have you got enought spare capacity on your fuse board to supply what power you need in cabin ?
  3. How will we get the power cables from your fuse board to the cabin ?
  4. The same with water ?

Some times it may be better to talk to your local electrician , or some one who has worked on your house before to offer you advise and a quote to get power to the Cabin.

We can only guess at these things without you providing much more details , images of the site and acsess to it , details of your fuse board . Lots to concider it is not a simple job and will cost money .

Pick up the phone and talk to us

Unlike a lot of the faceless wonders populating the internet nowdays we real hands on people with many years of practical manufacturing experience . We are not “Slick Rick (Gel Haired) Salesman ” just working on commission , we make our living on a long term basis from this business.

Just test us out pick up the phone and ask any question you wish regarding our Garden Cabins and one of our English speaking trades men will answer your questions there and then or if busy will pass it to another who will return your call .

We don’t mess around , if we can not do it then we will tell so and if thats the case then it is more likely to be one of the following . It can not be done ! or you have not got enogh money in your budget to get it done , that simple .