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Issues You Need To Be Aware Of .

There are few issues you need to be aware of before you go getting your self all excited .

Planning Requirements

Most of the BBQ Hut style buildings available in the Uk are well over 3m overall hight . What this will mean for you the end user is it will NOT be possible for you to have one fitted within 2m of any boundry on your property unless you apply for planning permision .

The only way around this is to site it more than 2m into your property , which is not always possible for a lot of people . Now alot of suppliers will not inform you of these facts and simply sell you a building and leave this problem for you to sort later . Which usually means you end up with a fine for not complying with planing and being mad eto take it down or re locate it .

We have no problem simply supplying you and take your chances , but dont say you have not been warned

Different Grades of BBQ Huts

There is one other major point you need to be aware of and that is the quiality of the building. Traditional BBQ Huts and Cabins where designed and made in the Scandinavia Countries so over the years they had perfected the designs and methods of manufacture .

We are increasingly seeing low grade copies of the traditional bbq huts being dumped on the Uk market at discount prices and with so many people now days being simply driven by price alone it is also driving down the quiality of not only the materials used but it overall design.