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Although summer is not always the best that it can be in the UK, with a lot of rain, there are always days when you can sit out in the garden and enjoy the warmth of the sun. Now imagine the same day in Liverpool & Manchester or nation wide infact as we do deliver our prmium summerhouses all over the UK. But with one of the many types of summer houses at the bottom of your garden that are available these days. Your friends relaxing in it out of the sun, and a table full of iced drinks just in front of it. That is an image of peace and serenity, but they are not just useful in the good weather, they can be a private area for use when the weather is bad.

What Type of Summerhouses

Once that you have decided to look at summer houses for your garden, you need to sit down and think about exactly what you will be using it for. Some of them are only big enough for a couple of chairs and a table, and cost about £500, while you can go all the way up to 18 square feet that cost around £1,500.  With our Premium range At those sort of prices, you can clearly see that summer houses offer exceptional value for money. Some people will use the houses just for the summer, however, others like to use them all year round. So if you decide on the latter then you will need to install some kind of heating unit, and if you are eco-friendly, then some thermal insulation may be in order.
Liverpool Summerhouse

Value range summerhouses

This image shows the basic value range Summerhouse after the Client has painted it using Cuprinol Shades ( we offer this optional extra painting service POA ) . This Summer House also shows the optional Veranda 
There are a number of styles available, with the most basic version being the budget models. These usually have one single door, and windows that resemble those in a shed. They have a canopy hanging over the front to keep the worst of the weather away. These are often used by people who do not want lots of room, but just enough to allow them to relax in the garden area.

Deluxe Summerhouses UK

The next model up are the deluxe range. These come with double doors, usually in a Georgian era style, along with a number of windows to match. These models look a lot more traditional with gorgian windows and wider selection of  designs and sizes  These are good for hobbyists, and are often used by people who are interested in art. The summer house gives them somewhere to relax away from the main home, and paint or sculpt.

Premium Summerhouses

The final range available are the premium Summerhouses, which are available in an even wider selection of finishes including models where the timbers interlock.

Interlocking Summerhouses

These are the most expensive, and are made of heavy solid wood usually 44mm thick. Interlocking usually means that a number of units can be joined together, and some people do this so that it looks like a log cabin style summerhouse.

Lined & Insulated Summerhouses

As these are fully insulated , lined with a selection of finishes and weatherproof, they can often be used for people to live in given a large enough building. Once again your are only limited by your imagination and your budget .
The wood for all of these models come from sustainable sources, and is treated to ensure it lasts a long time. Some will be pre-stained, but you can purchase them without it, and do it in whatever color you want. It is always best to use wood staining than paint, as it does not flake off when weathered.
So if you are looking at summer houses, you now know that there are many styles, price ranges, and things they can be used for. Before deciding on one, always make sure that it is suitable for exactly what you want it for, and if you do get one, enjoy it.
Pent Roof Mersey Deluxe Summerhouse
The image on the Right show a Pent Roof Deluxe Mersey Summerhouse .
To check out this product you will need to use this link

Custom Made Summerhouses

We can offer you a full Custom Made Summerhouse that can be made to your specific Design and size to suit your budget. The size of the summerhouse you have your hart set on is now day determined by local planning regulations which state that if you intend to site your new summerhouse with 2m of any boundary on your property it can only be a maximum of 2.5m (8ft)before you need to apply for planning permission.

If you require a summerhouse with more internal space , say you want to use the summerhouse for a home gym then you wil need to site it more than 2m from your boundary and then we can make you a summerhouse up to 3m with no planning required

With the ever increasing use of outdoor buildings have a custom made summer house could be the answer to your problems .

With uses from just the occasional day sitting out in the Garden to the more serious all year round use as a Garden Office . We can custom make you a Summer House style building to suit your needs.

A great range of timber thickness, some even lined and insulated it simply comes down to how much money you are prepared to spend on your custom summerhouse

If you see a summerhouse , cabin or any other building that catches your eye on line , copy and past the link to use for us to re quote you


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  • Cabin Summerhouse
    Cabin Style Summerhouse Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Summerhouse Cabin - 22mm Thick cladding  Avalabe from 8ft wide and 6ft deep we like to discribe these summerhouses as - "chunky summer houses". The image above shows a 10ft wide x 6ft deep version . Far more robust than your budg..
    £799.00 Ex Tax: £799.00
  • 10 x 6 Basic Summer House
    10 x 6 Basic Summer House 10ft `wide and 6 Deep all T+G Garden Summer House . Comes standard with Double Doors in Centre of 10ft wide Apex Section and fixed windows either side for extra light . There is a stadard 12in Roof over hang . All our Basic 10 x 6 Summer houses are made f..
    £599.00 Ex Tax: £599.00
  • 10 x 8 Basic  Summer House
    10 x 8 Basic  Summer House  Very poplular size Summer House , as the !0 x 8 Basic Summer House allows for a lot of internal starage space for those Garden Chairs / Tables and even BBQ. This 10 x 8 Summer House is clad using our popular 12mm T+G Cladding and is nailed onto Heavy ..
    £799.00 Ex Tax: £799.00
  • 8 x 6 Basic  Summer House
    Basic Summer House 8 x 6 With double Doors and fixed windows either side of the Doors this 8 x 6 summer house will make a great addition to any Garden .  With extra strong 2x2 framwork - much stronger that that used  by most suppliers in the Uk now days. The extrenal Claddin..
    £499.00 Ex Tax: £499.00
  • 8 x 8 Basic  Summer House
    Our Basic 8 x 8 Summer Houses come with Dooble Door in Centre of Apex Section  Fixed Shed Style Windows either side of Door with extra Shed Style Windows in the Two Side walls for extra light. You have the option to remove side windows if required - simpley let us know at time of pla..
    £599.00 Ex Tax: £599.00
  • 10 x 10  Mersey Summer House
    Mersey 10ft x 10ft Timber Summerhouse This 10ft wide by 10ft Deep timber summerhouse is one of our larger section all T+G Summer Houses. Cladd with our popular 12mm Tounge and groove as used in most of our Garden Buildings it is neailed on to heavy duty 50mm x 50mm framwork . This framewo..
    £1,350.00 Ex Tax: £1,350.00
  • 10 x 6  Mersey Summer House
    The Mersey 10ft x 6ft Summerhouse A very popular 10ft wide all Timber Garden Summer House , 6ft in depth plus a 1ft roof overhang . Double Georgina style Doors complete with lock and key , complemented by matching 6 pain window either side of the Door. The stock building has no window..
    £945.00 Ex Tax: £945.00
  • 10 x 8  Mersey Summer House
    10 x 8 Garden Summer House This 10ft x 8ft Practical Garden Summer House offers a practical and good looking building that will make any Garden look better. Made from solid 12mm T+G nailed onto extra strong 2x2 framework , you are assured of a traditionally made Garden Summer House ...
    £1,150.00 Ex Tax: £1,150.00
  • 8 x 6 Mersey  Summer House
    8 x 6 Mersey Deluxe Summer House A Great looking Garden Summer House made using a selection of Timbers . Our most popular is the 12mm or the Much stronger 22mm as an upgrade We do not use Chip Board or any other Low grade OSB sheet materials in any our Summer House  All the f..
    £799.00 Ex Tax: £799.00
  • 8 x 8 Mersey Summer House
    8 x 8 Mersey Summer House  This very popular 8ft x 8ft Garden Summer House is one of our most popular Timber Summer Houses . Clad with the popular 12mm T+G Cladding and nailed on to the extra strong 50mm x 50mm Framework for that reay solid feel . Windows and Double Doors are all..
    £899.00 Ex Tax: £899.00
  • 6 x 6 Corner Summer House
    The Corner Summer House  Poular 6 x 6 Corner Summer House calld with our popular 12mm T+G  No chipboard or othe rlow grade sheet materials used in any of our Corner Summer Hosues  The frame work is 2x2 as used in our heavy duty sheds The double Gorgina stlye doors a..
    £799.00 Ex Tax: £799.00
  • 7 x 7 Corner Summer House
    7 x 7 Corner Summerhouse This nice looking 7ft x 7ft Corner summer houses comes with double fully opening Georgina style Doors with match windows , one either side of. The cladding on this Corner Summer House is our popular 12mm T+G which is nailed on to our extra strong 50mm x 50mm framw..
    £899.00 Ex Tax: £899.00
  • 8 x 8 Corner Summer House
    8ft x 8ft Corner Summer House  The image shows a typical 8 x 8 corner summerhouse with double opening doors , fixed windows both with a Gorgina style. The doors open full back onto the windows for optimal acsess into the summer house if you need to lift in heay Garden Furniture ..
    £999.00 Ex Tax: £999.00
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