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Warrington Sheds

Sheds Supplied And Fitted To All Areas in Warrington

Warrington Summerhouse Suppliers

We have regular deliveries of garden sheds and summerhouses to Warrington and Cheshire and have done so for over 35 years. Originally we had 2 show sites spread throughout the Warrington Area.
But with the expansion of the Internet it was simply not cost effective to keep these sites open paying staff, rent and other overheads . People were simply not coming to the show sites in Warrington &and would rather look online. So, we followed suit and retreated our operation to one main factory / show site in Liverpool to service warrington and the surrounding areas.
No other Manufacturer in the North West has a larger selection of timber garden buildings available for delivery normally within 14 days as our selves - regular deliveries to all Warrington areas

Sheds Warrington Show Site

Our show site has one of the best selection of timber buildings in the Uk . It is simply not possible to show every shape or size as we have over 2000 different buildings to offer never the less we have at least 15 full sized sheds , workshops and summerhouses for you to view . Ask about our ex-display buildings as these are changed on a regular basis.
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Sheds Warrington - Cheap Sheds

The cheap and nasty end of the market place ! We are not intrested in it thank you !
The internet is flooded with lots of discounted low garde sheds now days , with some suppliers slashing prices to below what materials cost just for turnover
I bet you do not now that over 70% of suppliers in the North West now use low grade seconds T+G in their buildings and for this reason alone it is possible to to advertise and supply a cheap shed. But why is the timber seconds ? for a reason , you work it out your self.
 We make our buildings in a more traditional way that provides you real value for money pound for pound on a building for buildings basis. 

How Much are Your Cheapest Sheds Warrington

'how much is your cheapest shed mate ?' - is the sort of phone call we get. Would you call your local car show room and ask a question like that ? Not all sheds are the same , you simply can not ask for a price without knowing what you are getting for that price.
There are many ways to make a building cheaper ! this is done by using cheaper low grade materials and with this comes problems , problems we do not want to get involved with. So you have been warned ! We are not intrested in Ebayers looking to compare prices . As previously stated we just offer the best value for money from the offset.

Sheds Warrington- best place for custom made sheds

If you need and sort of odd size or shape timber building please send us a small drawing and as much deatil as you can for us to be able to quote you . Please include your full post code so we can check out address on google maps for any acsess isues .
We also offer a full base laying service - so you can have the whole job completed in on single transaction instead of trying to juggle contractors. Decking , Fencing and Shed Removal Services.
We Are Here To Help - Our Advice Is FREE
Phone 0151 345 5549 for an Instant Quote on a Standard Building or Give us your spec on a Custom Made Building Timber Garden Sheds , Summer Houses , Garden Workshops
If you live in the Warrington or Cheshire Area then you are in the right place to buy a Timber Garden Building . We have been delivering Timber Garden Buildings to all areas in and around Warrington and Cheshire for over 35 Years  
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Sheds Warrington - Heavy Duty Garden Workshops  

We specialise in Heavy Duty Timber Garden Workshops from a vast size and style range.
The sheds warrington Workshop range use a much thicker 22mm (ex25mm)T+G 
Garden Sheds Warrington

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What you get for the price at Sheds Warrington 


If you live in the Warrington area Our Price includes 

FREE Delivery & FREE Erecting 

FREE Base coat of treatment

Glass and Roofing Felt 

Timber Floor 

We only use New 1st grade Toungue and Grove ( not seconds or rejects) 



Sheds Warrington

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