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Sheds Liverpool

Liverpool's leading Shed Summerhouse Suppliers

Liverpool's Oldest Shed Suppliers

As Liverpool's oldest and longest established Garden Shed Suppliers we can proudly say we have little to no competition when it comes down to over all value for money pound for pound . Yes, there are lots of adverts for Cheap Sheds and we are fully aware of them . Go buy them if you beleave what the advert tells you ! Remember and advert has been designed to get your attention ?

But what is an advert ? It is only going to tell you what you want the hear and not the truth a lot of the time. Why are some suppliers advertising Cheap Sheds in Liverpool or Merseyside ? Why does it matter that it is cheap ? What does Cheap mean ?

The first thing we think of is "Low Quality " why would you want a low quality shed ?. Yes ,we are all looking for the best deal we can get for our money and there is nothing wrong with that ..

. 7x5 garden sheds liverpool

Not All Sheds are the same !

The best thing we suggest is to start with an online search with the likes of "Google " type in either Sheds Liverpool or Garden Shed Liverpool which ever takes your fancy You will then be hit with hundreds of pages of competing web pages that have something to do with sheds in Liverpool. The top 2 or 3 are paid for listings where those particular web sites have paid Google for each time some one clicks on those words - Sheds Liverpool or Garden Sheds Liverpool . Lower down you will have a selection of More Local Garden Shed Suppliers in Liverpool these listings show up on a map next to the individual listings. These listing you can be sure are actually based in the Liverpool Area , with an actual physical address , compared to some of the big national suppliers who use key words to make it out they are shed suppliers in Liverpool when in fact they may well be in London or in fact anywhere in the country.

Sheds Liverpool... Our Sheds Are Better Value !

So why would you buy a Garden Shed from a London shed suppliers when we have plenty of choice here in Liverpool. Some people would say price , because there are many very large suppliers based down South who mass produce Timber Garden Sheds like they are"Sausages " they just keep making and making them out of all the junk and low grade materials they can get their hands on and dump them on the market place . Roofs and floors made from chipboard or OSB board that ends up like wheatabix when it gets wet !

Sheds Liverpool - Support your local Shed business , Buy local

Without naming names you can walk into any major DIY chain and see loads of low grade as well as online via their web sites . It is not until you start looking at the specification - The timber thickness etc. that you will realize that what looks like a cheap shed is in fact a cheap and nasty shed and simply will not last more than a year or


so .flat roof summerhouse 

So put all that stuff behind you and do the sensible thing, get your self down to our Show Site Factory at Unit 3 Behind Mikes Roofing , Dunning's Bridge Road, Netherton. Liverpool, Merseyside, L30 6TA Between Park Hotel & McDonalds and see for your self the actual difference in quality sheds we have to offer .

Touch and feel our products , Ask questions about door and window positions . All our staff are expericanced hands on shed makers and installers so you will get a straight answer. NO fancy sales men trying to trick you into buying something you do not need .If you are looking for a sheds in Liverpool then take our advise , read this page.

Sheds liverpool - Just Simple Old Fashioned Advice On Buying A Shed In Liverpool.

We have been doing this for over 35 years, so what ever you are looking for in a Timber Garden Shed - City Centre Sheds Liverpool will have the answer and can offer you the very best value pound for pound .

Sheds Liverpool - Ex Display Sheds 

From time to time we change our display buildings , so keep an eye out for that special deal as most buildings have only been on show for 6 months and as part of our policy we simply change the buildings to keep the site looking fresh and to show any changes in design we feel where needed .

Sheds Liverpool - Custom Made

As Merseyside's leading  garden shed manufactures we are able to be flexible when it comes to supplying the building you really need . We are aware that standard sheds do not always suit everyone , you may have a very tight narrow space or a unused corner in your garden that you could make better use of.

Then we have the answer for not a lot more money you could have a building made to fit in that space , simply send your details and a picture of the area so we can get a better idea of what we are dealing with then offer you a sencable option within your budget. When we say budget , now days most things do come down to money and how much you are prepared to spend .

So as a very rough price guide  select the nearest larger shed than you are looking for and add 10 to 20% . Now is only a rough guide it may well be that we can do it much cheaper or it may well be a very complex job . This price guide just saves a lot of messing about with people who simply have no idea that having a one off item made can and will be much more expensive than a stock item .

 Sheds Liverpool Additional Services

We not only manufacture Sheds and Summer Houses in Liverpool but offer a full Shed Base Laying Service, We Also Have A Remove Old Shed Service Lifting heavy paving stones and stripping down and removing your old building can end up being a major task even for the fittest of us . Let us take all the strain out of the process and do it for you . So on the day the only thing you need to worry about is making the lads a Nice Cuppa with Biscuits ! We are your one stop shop for strong long lasting timber garden sheds if you live in the Liverpool . Merseyside , Wirral or Southport areas.

Questions we get asked over the phone about sheds in Liverpool

How much is your cheapest shed - Lad !

Now i was born and lived in Liverpool and know the score , but when people come on the phone and say that it really gets my back up. Would you ring up a car sales place and say - How much is your cheapest car - Lad or spec saves - how much are your cheapest glasses Girl !!!! Most probably not , so why do people in Liverpool do that ? Most web sites have clearly marked prices against each product , shed or summerhouse .

So even some one with the most basic intelligence could There is nothing wrong in looking for a deal but that is not the way to go about it. As with all things in life you only get what you pay for , same with garden sheds and summerhouses . A lot of shed suppliers in Liverpool are able to offer you what looks like a cheaper deal becuas ether use seconds / reject grade timbers in thers sheds .

Rought sawn timbers in the roof and floor and very thin framing all of which make the shed cheaper ! But at what cost to you . There is an old saying buy  cheap buy twice If i was to offer you a brand new BMW for the same price as a Ford then that would be a deal! But you and i know the BMW is a better made car and accordingly more expensive. The point we are  trying to get at is until you know the quality of the product , a shed in this case, what are you comparing it with ?

I have just been to Atlas Sheds / Merseysheds / Who ever ? and they gave me this price !

Once again any one can quote silly cheap prices , but what are you actually getting for your money ? You can go onto e bay and find loads of cheap sheds . So why don't you ? - simple because most people want to see what they are buying now days it is your money not ours so if you end up buying a " Lemon ", you only have your self to blame , buy cheap buy twice . Lets be honest , if their sheds where that good and that cheap ! you would not be wasting your time coming to use would you ? Don't be fooled by price alone - We are Proud Not to Be The Cheapest 

Seconds Grade Timber

Did you know most of the shed suppliers in Liverpool and in fact actually use seconds grade timber ! this is lower grade rejected timber sold cheaper because certain manufactures like our selves will send it back because it does not meet our quality standards.It is seconds for a reason .

Are you buying a seconds grade shed or a new one ? So the reason it looks like your getting a better deal is the fact some of these suppliers  are paying a lot less for that timber then making out they are offering a better deal ? It is your money and in real terms they are not that much cheaper ! Just value for money is what you want , no more no less .

That is what we do offer value for money sheds in Liverpool , made in Liverpool by local lads . What about the great gardeners amoungst you ! check out our regularly updated organic gardening tips on our blog ,     Delivery Information - Please read as it describes what is required before we can deliver and erect a shed  or summer house to you 7 Inventions that started life in a Shed

So to recap 

Sheds Liverppol - Supply and Fit 

Sheds Liverpool - Make their own buildings 

Sheds Liverpool - Supply Summerhouses 

Sheds Liverpool - Supply Log Cabins

Sheds Liverpool - Can Custome Make you a Timber Building 


Sheds Liverpool

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