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Apex Sheds -

The Traditional Shed Choice ...

The Most Popular Garden Shed

Apex sheds have been manufactured at City Centre Sheds for over 35 years.

Not all sheds are the same, so check on the framing and cladding thickness first - Do not be fooled by price alone!!!

All our apex shed prices include FREE* delivery and FREE* installation within the Liverpool , Merseyside , Wirral and Southport Areas. However, we do advise that you have a solid, level shed base ready before we arrive on site with your new Apex Garden Sheds. *Delivery Information 

You must ensure you have a clear unobstructed access to where you want the apex shed sited. Some of the larger buildings, will NOT fit through a standard height door; if you intend to bring it through the house. We would need to know this information prior to delivery.

Generally apex sheds 10ft x 8ft and above will NOT fit thought a standard height door, so please take this into account when placing your order.

It is possible but you will need to pay an extra fee to have the building made in smaller sections so it fits through your door and re assembled once through. This will normally cost around 10% of the buildings price.

We do NOT use cheap low grade chip board type sheet materials in any of our buildings, we believe in constructing apex sheds in a traditional way , that will last the test of time, at the best possible prices.

What our Apex Sheds are made of

All our apex garden sheds are constructed from Traditional 12mm Thick Tongue & Groove, this includes the roof timbers and flooring.

We DO NOT use seconds and rejects as a lot of shed suppliers in Liverpool do now days ! The timber is seconds for a reason!

The Basic Apex Garden Sheds Range uses 50mm x 50mm Framework, which is far in excess of many other less reputable brands and certainly thicker than any other manufactures in Liverpool use on their Basic Sheds. Most use 38mm x 50mm . That's 20% less timber !

The Sides (Eves) on Basic Apex Sheds are approx 5ft 9in  - Now compare this with most suppliers who supply buildings only 5ft 3in so 6in difference in height. So our buildings are taller the Apex will change in height depending on the width of the shed you intend to purchase. The maximum height of approximately 8ft would be found on our 8ft and 10ft wide sheds .

So when comparing prices you need to compare what your money is paying for 20% less materials should mean the building is 20% less ? But if your happy wasting money or buying an inferior product then more fool you !

All our Sheds are Bolted together NOT just smashed together in corners with a nail of 1 inch screw at he very best!

The Doors are generally situated in the narrower Apex Section of the building and NOT in the long walls (Eves ) of the standard Apex Garden Shed. If you need a door in the longer wall section then you may need to consider our Pent Roof Sheds or Hipex Sheds

The fixed glazed windows are fitted in the sides ( eves ) and can be swopped on site to suite your needs . You can opt to have no windows at no extra charge if you want a more secure shed.

We have an individual range called 'Super Strong Sheds' which are slightly more expensive due to its increased eves ( Side) height. In addition to the fact that they have a much stronger Heavy Duty Frame Work. These are a much better long term option to basic apex sheds.

Our Super Strong Apex Garden Sheds use The Old Fashioned 3x2 framework, which is much stronger and far more durable, However, this obviously increases the price somewhat, as you would expect of a quality product. But you only get what you pay for.

Our Prices include

  • Solid Timber Floor
  • Roofing Felt - up grades available
  • Glazed Windows
  • Base coat of treatment - building will require top coat of treatment with 7 days of fitting
  • 30in wide single door - up grades available
  • Galvanized fixtures and fittings
  • Massive selection of sizes

Cheap Apex Sheds

The word cheap! Can mean a number of things but usually means low quality! Unfortunately in this day and age to many people are focused on price and are prepared to sacrifice quality for price! Well, here at City Sheds we have found the compromise, we can supply you a small selection of cheap sheds, admittedly not as cheap as some you see on line now days but ours are certainly not as low grade as those so called cheap deals. Chip board in roof and floor as soon as it gets damp you shed will fall apart.

You may well get a year of so out of it and if that is what you want then dive in and press your buttons . As we are a local company and have a human face unlike these faceless on line wonders, we are simply not prepare to listen to the screams and problems that come with this sort of low grade product.

If in doubt just call in to our Show site as we usually have a sample of these low grade cheap sheds clients have thrown out, so we try to erect the odd one for you to compare. It is not rocket science and you do not need to be a joiner to see the difference.

What ever your needs for a traditional Garden Shed, City Centre Sheds Liverpool provide quality sheds at the right price ...

We specialize in manufacturing Heavy Duty Timber Shed / Workshops and custom made buildings

Base Laying services / Old Shed Removals

We offer a full base laying service for all our Building.

Obviously depending on your ground conditions and how much work will be involved use the link in base prices for a price guide .

We can offer traditional flagged stone or gravel bases or a raised pressure treated timber frame base

Check out our Base Prices and Old Shed Removals

Images of Buildings we have fitted in customers homes - click here 

Apex Sheds

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