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Log Cabins - Residential

Residental Cabins

Before you look any further you need to know this very important fact . ANY building you intend to sleep or sty in over night WILL 100% require detailed planning permission.

Don't listen or believe what you see on Face Book or see in online Blogs !

There are NO Scams - Short Cuts - Tricks This will entail you submitting detailed drawings , sizes and profiles of what you would like . Pay a planning application fee , then wait and see if you will be allowed your dream cabin .

So at this very early stage unless you have not only planning , but detailed planning concent including building control regulations , this is only a dream ! 

A lot of people are simply not aware of these facts , start getting them selves all excited calling and emailing for quotes . But the very simple facts are 80% of residential planning applications are refused . 

Call 0151 324 1157 and talk to a knowledgeable log cabin agent

You will have spent out at the very least £1500 in application fees and paying for drawings ( yes you will have to pay us or an architect up front for drawings ) So it is effecttivly a gamble and strongly suggest before you make any more enquires with either our selves or any other supplier , you contact your local planning department for an informal chat , so you can get a feel for their thoughts on the matter

Yes i am sure some of you will be fuming ! That some trumped up Public Servant is telling you what you can or in this case CAN NOT have . Tough - thats the world we live in nowadays , unilected individuals you pay for the privalage of this service !!!

So at this stage you will simply be waisting your time and effort ! I bet you do not like hear that do you . But it is the facts .

We believe in being straight and to the point from the start.

Help and Support - when ever possible we like to get involved with clients who are having issues with Planning Officers so we can try and build up a profile of what is going on with Planning Policies nationwide

The Next Step

So you are  looking for some sort of  Residential Log Cabin, well you have  arrived at one of the very best suppliers of residential logcabins in Europe .

We can offer you one of the largest selection of Residential Cabins in the Uk and Europe. Our Interlocking or Sectional Residential Log Cabins can be easily insulated and brought up to the very latest UK building regulations.

We only supply  Residential Log Cabins that have CE/EU approved Residential grade doors and windows all doors are fitted with toughened safety glass. 

Should you need it we can offer you fully custom Residential Log Cabins with bespoke designs for disabled and special needs . Residential Log cabins are ideal for a holiday or permeant house or home . 

We receive many calls from people looking for a live in Log Cabin or suitable timber building.

There are a few things you will need to take into account if you are looking for a cabin to live in.Firstly the Doors and Windows need to be of a higher residential grade to that of a basic Garden Cabin. The residential building or cabin will need to be correctly insulated to meet the required standards. 

You always put smoke detectors , fire alarms in every room along with checking if it is legal to have such a structure in your garden .  

Do Your Home Work

Do your home work first, only deal with a reputable manufacture who you feel comfit-able with. Use your gut instinct do they sound like they know their stuff when you talk on the phone ! Or are they just tele sales with little or no product knowledge.  can provide you with many types of Residential Garden Buildings 

1 Bed Residential Timber Log Cabins 

2 Bed Residential Timber Log Cabins

3 Bed Residential Timber Log Cabins 

4 Bed Residential Timber  Log Cabins garden and commercial log cabin department  has designed and manufactured many, many  different Residential Timber Log Cabins.

Timber thicknesses have varied  from a basic 44mm external, then insulated and lined internally with another 44mm layer of logs

Then we jump 70mm/90mm/120mm/ 180mm/220mm in Boltic Pine, or moving up a quality can then offer you Spruce , Larch  and Laminated Timbers.

City Centre Sheds Residential Log Cabins 

Our Twin Skin / Dual Wall  Cabin System allows you to make your Residential Cabin fully insulated with the minimum of fuss. As the cavity is automatically formed between the two skins or timber. The higher the insulation levels you require the thicker the timbers in each skin will increase.

Practical Residential Cabins

A more practical solution to the insulation problem is to have Timber Frame Cabin. Far more flexible on design and size than it interlocking counterpart . In most case a Residential Cabin made with a sectional  timber frame will be quicker to pass building regulations, as they are a more tried and tested system similar to that used in timber framed full sized housing.

Our Sectional Timber Residential Cabins are built to a much high specification than the interlocking version and will meet the latest builing regulations

Our timber Residential Cabins are made using PEFC certified Timbers and fully CE approved. 

The typical framework used in a sectional cabin is 200mm x 50mm  C24 Stress graded and horizontal Structural Timber would a minimum of C18. 

Compare this with what a lot of companies offer you which is a much lower C16 . This C16 Timber  is the lowest grade posable that will meet the building controls specification for structural grade timbers


All our panels are factory pre-made, we do not believe in doing a on the job style construction making your garden into a  building site.

Most of our panels will be  pre-made in a quality controlled  environment 

We supply Residential Log Cabins to ,

Holiday Parks

Fishing Parks

Camping Grounds

Cabins for Private use

Retirement Parks 


The very high price of general housing now days make the housing market out of the reach for a lot of people especially  young people who would like to purchase their own home and get on the property ladder.

 Then we have the other end of the scale, the more mature retired people who tend to have money  tied up in the equity of their existing property and would like to down size and release some of that equity 

 It is difficult for both parties to brake the cycle , but once you have been able to obtain both funding and planning permission , you could easily arrange a self build or go to a reputable builder to erect a Residential Log Cabin.

Great News

What about this, a  new detached 2 Bedroom timber Residential  Cabin Bungalow for under £35,000 plus the cost of your  land and cost of power and water services !

Well that is the sort of thing we can do for you . Affordable and practical residential timber cabin homes. Great news for both start up people wanting to buy for the first timer or more expericanced house mover !.


We can assist you in every step along the way in achieving your dream log Cabin

Well there is a lot of infomation you need to take on board before we start really looking at prices .

The biggest problem you will encounters is the great British Planning Department. Most people simply do not realise you will be required too submit a full planing application for any building you intend to use for residential use

The main problem we tend to come acrosss is every individual Planning officer appears to interoperate the Planning Guidelines to suit them selves. Why you may ask? Well, as we deal Nation wide this is the feed back we are getting from our Clients. There is simply No continuity of decision from one end of the Country to the Other .

In some areas we see Clients being allowed a certain building,yet the same building is not being allowed in another and we simply do not know why this is, nor does the client.

Simply most people just can not be bothered going thought all the red tape.


As with any manufactured prodcut now days there is a vast choice of not only sizes but designs

This part is like the chicken or the egg ! Which comes first! The planners will need to know what sort of design log cabin you are looking for before they make a decision


These are a number of phrases being used around the industry now days .

The general Guidance we can give is as follows.

If you intend to Live in the Cabin / Log Cabin / Granny Annexe or what ever you would like to call it you WILL require full detailed planning permission from your Local Planning office , unless you simply just take the chance that you will not be caught or you are replacing and existing building on a likes for like basis

Please do NOT get confused with web sites that say "Planning Compliant Log Cabins" This in most case means simply that the sized building they are advertising is less than 2.5m max heigh and less than 30 sq meters in size! This is a Law that allows you to erect a building less than 2m from your boundary , without applying for planning consent . The building must NOT be used to live in or operate any business from .

Planning Portal Web Site

Use this link to the Goverments Planning Portal Web site for general Guidence and Infomation relating to Garden Buildings . Now as we said these are Guidelines and typicaly not totaly clear . For this reason alone this is why we feel most clients looking for a residential Cabin you can easily get confused with what you can and more importantly what you CAN NOT have.

Please let us have your thoughts on this site and keep us informed of how you expericnce has gone during the process.

Residential Log Cabin Prices

The only real thing we can say to you at this stage unless you have full detailed not only Planning Permission - BUT Building Control requirements for your individual

project - yes Building control are another Part of our Great Civil Service , sat waiting to confuse and take more money from you ! Unfortunitly unless you meet their requiremnts for thisngs like  -

  • Type of base you use
  • What Fire Protection arrangements you need to make
  • The Quality of Doors and Windows
  • The level of Insulation required
  • Ventilation
  • And many more issues

You may not be able to get insurance on the Building .

We can basically build you what ever you want within your budget and we can only offer you advise , but inevitably it is your responsibility to ensure and building you intend to live in meets current regulations . 

Some people just brush this off and as we have seen recently are even using refurbished back yard Sheds for living accommodation ?

Price will simply depend on the overall quality and Finnish of the building.

A typical 6m (20ft ) 10m (30ft) will cost between £15,000 and £45,000 yes there is that much difference in Grades .How thick walls do you want  Twin 28mm / 44mm / 70mm or Sectional 120mm .

Check out some of our options below but bear in mind they are only price guides .

You will need-

  • A suitable solid level base
  • Good access to the SIte
  • How you going to get water and Power to your Cabin ?
  • What about the waste water / sewage ?

The above and a lot more questions need answering before you start getting detailed prices .

We can of course offer you a complete turn key package which can include electrics / water / drainage , we also have the services of a local Architect who can make the planning application on your behalf.

This will cost you between £1500 and £3000 to have drawings made up and to pay for the Planning application depending on the complexity of your project . You must be aware that you have No guarantee your application will be accepted and any monies you have paid out will be gone. We do not make a single penny out of this but we thought we should make you aware of it .

So until you have Planning owning a Residential Cabin is only a Dream .

But we are here to help even if it only an informal chat call 0151 709 0969

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Residential Log Cabins

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