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There is a growing trend of the purchasing of micro homes, or tiny houses that people are buying because of several factors that make sense to a lot of people. Many of these homes are no larger than a couple hundred square feet and have minimal room for much else than very basic living accommodations.
One big advantage is the cost of maintaining a home is incredibly lower, than that of a more traditional home. A typical micro home may have a small living area right next to a very small kitchen, with an adjoining bathroom area, and the sleeping area can be on a second level, or a loft. The entire square footage may be no more than 500 or 600 square feet. The home may be sitting on wheels so that it can move wherever the owner wishes to go. One builder of the homes says, “If you don’t like your neighbor, just move!”
The homes are relatively inexpensive, ranging from around £10,000 to £45,000 and can be put together by the factory of the manufacturer. If it is mobile, you can park at any location that would accept a motor home or a travel trailer, or on any land space where it is legal to do so. You will find some of the homes like this in some pretty remote areas as in most cases they do not require planning concent as they are effectivly mobile homes - like a caravan so can be moved if requested to do so .
A selection of suppliers  including our seleves can provide you  a wide variety of homes that range in size from 261 square feet all the way up to 874 square feet. They also have cottages that are larger, and are designed to be constructed to be built on site by your own contractor. There are multiple floor plans for each of their homes, with some homes being up to 24 feet in length. There are upstairs and downstairs bedroom arrangements and many kitchen designs. All of the Tumbleweed homes are built on wheels, except for the cottages. They are made from wood and are very attractive.

Custom Made Micro Homes

Here at City Sheds and cabins we will be more than pleased to quote you for a custom made , bespke micro or mini hone , either fixed of mobile .
You are only limited by two things , you budget avalable to you and your imagination !
Other examples of micro homes are similar in that they are very small and utilitarian in space, but put together in such a way as to be fully functional and comfortable. They can withstand normal weather fluctuations of winter and summer, and if a serious storm threatens, the home can be hooked up to your vehicle and you can just drive away, without having to worry about being swept away by the storm.
Some people might be put off by the smaller space, but proponents of the concept claim that you can only be in one place at a time anyway, so the overall space of the house doesn’t matter. There is a marked tendency to not have a lot of clutter, perhaps because you don’t have a lot of stuff. The micro homes can also be used as a second structure on the property of a more traditional home, such as use as a guesthouse, an office, and rooms for returning children or aged parents.

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Micro Homes

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