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Log Cabins - LV

LV Garden Log Cabins For Sale

The LV Range - Best Overall Value For Money Log Cabin

Interlocking 44mm Log Cabins

LV Garden Cabins are small suppliers based in Lithuania yet offer an extensive selection of interlocking garden cabins.

This is one of our Popular Range of timber Interlocking Garden Cabin Style Buildings on the market, offering real value for money.

Mainly manufactured in Lithuania using localy sourced timbers.

Call 0151 324 1157 and talk to a knowledgeable log cabin agent

The LV Cabin range has over 3400 individual sizes in a selection of timber thickness .

Most of our LV garden cabin range is fully Planing Compliant so there will be no need to apply for planning permission with these buildings . With sizes up to and over 30 square Meters we are sure to have a Building to suit your requirements.

Great options of Modern Full Length Glass in Doors and Windows or the More Traditional Georgian Look, its your choice fully double glazed as standard.

Some basic information that may be of some use when selecting a Cabin. You are allowed to have Buildings up to 30sq meters that is a building say 6m x 5 m (20ft x 15ft ) without needing to apply for planning permission as long as it is under 2.5m total height if it is within 2 meters of any boundary on your property. This height can increas if you move it more than 2 meters away , but please check this on line with the "Planning Portal"

Just give is a call and we can give you all the basic advice you will need over the phone.


With the ever increasing house prices more and more people are looking at the option of having a Residential Style Log Cabin on their property . A lot of people use these as a Granny Annexe or even simply some where to get rid of the teenage kids or students when they return home . The uses are limitless .


Any building you intend to live in be it temp or permeant will require some for of planning permission and must be built to a much higher specification than a none residential building. Fire proofing is one of the biggest isues !

We can help you with any of your concerns, but your first point of call will be your local planning office to have a check chat with them. Applying for planning will cost you money anything from £500 to £1500 with no guarantee it will be granted so give this some thought.


In most cases now days if you intend to use a Log cabin Style Building to live in, the standard Cabin will NOT meet the very strict Building Control Regulations. So we have designed a range of Sectional Building that are fully Lined and insulated to meet the standard required.

The basic problem is that because the timbers overlap / Lock into each other , there is potential for Damp to be drawn into the building via this design. To comply with Residential Building Regulations there must be a moisture barrier that will stop and damp penetrating inside any building .

The leaders in Garden Cabin Production and Sectional Structures Log Cabins design group were the first to make "The Clockhouse" timber logcabin in the UK / Europe and America This cabin has a wide spectrum of applications, from a modest Garden Log Cabin Summer House to a building that would be the envy of any large Commercial Reception/Office center in any complex.

Unlike other producers, have "arrays" of ideas and products . This produces a tremendous selection that is probably quite one-of-a-kind covering numerous combinations of various types of Insulated Lag Cabin Workplaces, Insulated Residential Log Cabins, Scandinavian styled Log Cabins with conventional Round Logs in addition to interlocked squared off variations.

The other huge Unique selling point of is because of the geographical location, close to a major Docks the business has access to particular sorts of wood that is ideal for timber building construction.

Siberian Larch Log Cabins 

By its nature grows in conditions that just the hardest and high density of wood can truly make it through. As a result this superior wood is ideal for any external clad building that citycentresheds maximizes and sets it off inside with a subtle contrast of best slow-moving grown Siberian Pine. Larch is not an unfamiliar wood but Siberian Larch is of a much higher quality than its European counterpart because of the above-mentioned geographical location of development. Much is stated about the significance of saving energy, reducing carbon exhausts and creating a much better environment. City Centre Sheds Liverpool once again have been at the leading edge of providing "Passive Homes" .

Residential and Commercial Timber Cabins.

City Centre Sheds unlike numerous of its competitors, who have decided to sell products by undercutting each other, has kept to the original approach of maintaining high quality products much less costly in the long run, merely because of the durability of the end products with less maintenance and repair work needed. It is very simple to see images and pictures of buildings.

Insulated Garden Cabins

City Centre Sheds produce an excellent selection of Insulated Garden Cabins, Offices and Residential Log Cabins with substantial care and knowledge. From forestation, kiln drying, milling, product packaging and despatch to the point of distribution and installation, the complete procedure is a seamless flow of interest, care and factor to consider. This great positive attitude flows with to all the carefully chosen Dealerships and Partners in the UK, who are constantly updated with all of the City Centre Sheds Logcabins manufacturing variety. Like the quality of the wood, "Larry the log" as the boss likes to be known ,firmly insists that the exact same quality is used in all buildings

The Aurora Garden Cabin

This extraordinary structure has a real Wow factor, sporting three Dormer style roofing system extensions to the front altitude making up special triangular windows allowing maximum natural light to filter through. Two open aspects either side of substantial main covered living location. The big rectangular long complete length double windows at each end, the triangular windows design is seen again in each side dormer to complete the elegant clean lines and ideal balance. There are two variations shown in the external walls of the Clockhouse array.

Roof Shingles

When it comes to quality and expertise within this specialty, the Katepal variety of shingles is a product we suggest as a best value for money . Additional care is taken in making sure that when making a shingles application, good sturdy close boarding is used to guarantee that any possible moisture that is soaked up by the wood slowly evaporates. The Roofing Shingles need to be lined with an underlay membrane.

DF Log Cabin Range

Dual Wall Cabins
These and various other cabins are readily available with thicker walls if needed as well as double walls, each of the exact same thickness known as "Twinskin". have been marketing the "Twinskin" variations in the UK for some time now and are thought about to be among the most knowledgeable producers providing this brand-new principle in the UK.

The variable wall thicknesses there is also the option of insulation to the walls and above the ceiling. Combining the two produce an incredibly energy effective building which will likewise be cosy and very comfortable even in the cold depths of winter. Modern research and technology has done wonders for more reliable and effective insulation. Right here is some beneficial info provided by the U.S. Division of Energy. Blanket (Batt and Roll) Insulation Blanket insulation-- the most typical and widely offered type of insulation-- can be found in the kind of rolls or batts.

It consists of flexible fibers, most frequently fiberglass. You also can find rolls and batts made from mineral (rock and slag) wool, plastic fibers, and natural fibers, such as cotton and sheep's wool. Rolls and batts are offered in widths matched to standard spacing of wall studs, and attic or floor joists. Continuous rolls can be hand-cut and trimmed to fit. They are available with or without confrontings.

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LV Log Cabins

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