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Have you always wanted a log cabin of your own? Lugarde Log Cabins now offers you that option, and you can have one in your own backyard. Many people erect structures near their home to serve as garden sheds, pool houses or even additional guest rooms. Ordering a log cabin kit from Lugarde is a simple process, and you can opt to have a team from the company erect the cabin for you, or you can choose to construct the building yourself.
Call 0151 324 1157 and talk to a knowledgeable log cabin agent
Many homeowners enjoy the process of preparing the site and putting up the structure themselves. The cabin packages are delivered with all the components of the building included, as well as construction drawings and a complete construction guide. If you should need guidance while erecting your log cabin, expert advice is available at any time by telephone.
Your Lugarde building package will arrive within about six weeks from your order date, or up to two weeks longer if you choose to have the logs and wooden materials pre-treated. When your cabin package is delivered, it will be placed as close to your actual building site as possible.
When you consider the fact that many people live busy lives and are lacking the knowledge and ability to construct their own cabin, having the Lugarde company send their construction crew to do the work seems like a good option. If needed, the crew can also do the base preparation and groundwork necessary before the construction can take place. The size of the teams vary according to the size of the building to be constructed, and the workers are professional home builders so you can be assured of high quality work. The company also provides liability insurance that will cover any accidental occurrences. Each team arrives at your home with a van that is fully equipped with all the professional tools required to properly construct your cabin.

All Lugarde Log Cabins lave a standard log thickness of 44mm, but are available in a more substantial option of 68mm. If the cabin is intended to be occupied by humans, even on a temporary basis, the thicker log dimensions are probably the best choice. Some people, especially seniors who have downsized, do not have adequate space in their home to accommodate family members who may want to visit for a few days at a time. A log cabin in the backyard that offers additional space for sleeping and entertaining is an affordable option. Cabins that are 20sqm and over can be insulated and heated to provided comfort on chilly nights.
Families with children or grandchildren love having an outdoor building to provide a space for playing and storing their toys. If your garage space is taken up with cars and tools, the kids can store their bikes, scooters and other large sized toys in the log cabin. Set up kid-sized table and chairs so they can work on projects that may be too messy for indoors. Kids would also love eating lunch in their own little dining room, and it prevents the indoor eating areas from getting messed up.
Do you have an outdoor pool? These little log cabins make great pool houses, providing privacy for changing and room to store pool equipment and large pool toys. A picnic table and lounge chairs placed under and near the canopy, and a grill for cooking food completes the perfect space for entertaining family and friends.
Perhaps you have ample space in your home for overnight guests, but would like a smaller structure for other reasons. These attractive little cabins make great garden sheds, and they can be designed to match the exterior of your home. While there are many types of garden sheds available, why not make your garden shed an attractive complement to your home. 
There are many other ways you could make use of a small log cabin on your property. If you live in a relatively mild climate and operate a home business, Lugarde log cabins provide a great option for your office building. Not only are the buildings very attractive, but they can be finished and decorated to provide all the comfort and professional atmosphere that you need. Since the cabins are available in many styles and sizes, you can choose a cabin that will match your needs exactly.

Cabins For Small Animals

Do you have small animals that need housing. Some people live in an area where they are allowed to have chickens to provide fresh eggs and meat. A small log cabin makes a great chicken coop, and you will only need to add a fenced enclosure to make sure your flock stays safely close to home. Other possible animal housing needs may be for outside pets such as hunting dogs, goats or a pony. While these applications would likely require the interior walls to be reinforced with sturdier materials, the plans with an overhanging roof could provide feed storage for the animals.
The smallest and simplest log cabin design is probably the flat roof structure. If you are thinking of housing small animals or storing a few garden tools, a flat roof design may be your best choice. This design is lower in cost than the larger structures, and you are more likely to have the ability to do the construction yourself.
It would be impossible to mention all the uses you might find for a Lugarde log cabin on your property since every homeowner has different needs. Just be assured that when you order a log cabin from Lugarde, you have many options to choose from and the company will work to make sure your order is fulfilled as promised and your every concern is addressed.
Now that you have this information, the only thing left for you to do is to determine the size and style of your new Lugarde log cabin. Contact the company by telephone and discuss your needs with one of their representatives. Better yet, make an appointment to visit them in Worcestershire and view the buildings constructed at their site.

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