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Camping Pods

Glamping Pod Cabins

With in increase of what is now know as Glamping - Glamours Canmping we are now able to offer you a selection of building suiatable for Domstic and Commercial use .

Long gone are the days of throwing up a PVC tent and laying on a ground sheet ! Laying there all night thinking of good old England !

We are all looking for a bit of Luxury now days , a comfy bed , no drafts and may be a bit of heat .

The best selection of garden log cabins in UK 

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We Have the Answer

Check out one of numerous Glamping Pods and Cabins .

As with any product we buy nowadays our pods are avalabel in a wide selection of designs and prices ranges . Not all pods are the same by a long way , a bit like comparing a phone do you want a cheap £50 one of a top of the range £500 iphone ? they are all phones but massive diffrences in quaility and features ?

Do I Need Planning Permission

Well strictly yes , any building you intend to erect , fit in the Uk will require some form of planning consent if you intend to sleep in it . If you intend to use it or a series of them as a commercial venture and charge you will 100% need to obtain detailed planning consent .

These are not rules we the suppliers make up they are Uk Law of which we have no control over and can only ofter you advise and guidence

So at this stage unless you have done your home work and spoken to your local palnning derpartmnent , this idea of having a camping pod can only be a dream . We can go int detailed pricing at some later stage once you have been granted planing or are not required to have it for any reason .

Untill then below we have a small selection of popular pods along with price guides . It is totaly imposbale to comit to a final price untill we know most of the questions below

  • Where it is Going in the Uk - Transport is a big cost now days. 
  • Will you need a crain to of load it and how far will you expect that crain to lift the pod. 
  • What is the acsess like .
  • Are the ground conditions suitable to site the new pod or will you need a quote for ground works .
  • How will you get power and water to the pod - if required. 

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Camping Pods

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