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Log Cabin Fitting

Log Cabin Erecting Services

With Prices starting from £450 * depending on size and location

If you have selected to buy your garden log cabin from other suppliers , we can offer you the facility of our self emplyed fitters erecting your cabin for you .

With over 10 years of real hands on experience our teams of fitters will cover most areas in main land UK and Ireland.

It is difficult to give a direct price with out knowing a number of factors

Call 0151 324 1157 and talk to a knowledgeable log cabin agent
  • The Size of the Cabin 
  • The Timber Thickness 
  • The Type of roof covering 
  • The Distance the fitters have to carry the building to its base
  • The above are just a few of many factors that will drastically change the fitting prices they charge 

    The size of cabin 

     Obviously the larger the building the more time it will take to assemble along with the complexity of that building . Does it have a Veranda ? Overhanging Roof ? Resessed Doors ? Odd angles on the Roof ?

    The Timber Thickness

    Now days buildings are available in many timber thickness , we are seeing some suppliers using very thin 19mm boards and calling them log cabins ? To us that is thinner than the timber we use on a workshop or heavy duty shed . 28mm / 44mm and even 70mm or the norm . The isue is some of these very thin light weight boards are prone to twisting and whrping so can infact take longer to erect and a good quaility 44mm timber .

    So as you can see we will need to know the full prodcut details of the building you have bought . copy and past the link , that way they they will know ezactly what building you have bought 

    Type of roof Covering 

    Some cabins come with basic light weight roofing felt that is just stapplied or tacked on , others come with overlapping felt shingles which take conciderably more time to line up and fix . Then you have to top grade torch on roof coverings where the extra thick polyester felt is heat bonded to the timbe roof . So as you can clearly see a big diffrence in teh quaility of roof coverings and te amount of time it will take to correctly fit that covering .


    Shed Erecting Services

    Our self emplyed fitters will erect you garden shed new or used

    Our expericed fitting teams will la so be pleased to quote you for erecting any Garden Shed or Summerhouse you may have bought from an other supplier

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