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• Prefabricated buildings
• Value Buildings
• Log cabins 
• Leisure buildings
• 5-corner-buildings
• Flat roof buildings
• Pavilions
• Patio model
• Carports
• Garages
• Accessories

Call 0151 324 1157 and talk to a knowledgeable log cabin agent

Plus Custom Made Individual Designed Cabins


For many years now Bertsch Holzbau have been producing a wide range of timber buildings with  passion and conviction.

They  only use first-class Timbers  from north European. Because the entire production process, starting from  selecting the Timber , machining  and milling of the wood even to the manufacture of windows and  doors is under their control you can ensure a fist grad eproduct.

Bertsch Holzbau can offer you a fully Custom made Cabin taking your personal requirements into account . 

Depending on your Spending Budget and overall Requirements, they can provide  you with a  Timber Cabin  with wall thicknesses of 28, 33, 45, 58, 70, 94 or 115 mm. 
Our Sectional - Prefabricated Cabins and Buildings come with pre-made floor and wall elements have a base thickness of 19 mm. 

The Pavilion Range  will be delivered with 28 or 45 mm walls depending on your budget .


All Bertsch Holzbau's Timber  buildings – no matter how simple or  complex have a “designer” feel about them.  

Bertsch Holzbau's have produced a Colour brochure is designed to give you an over view of their Cabin and Sectional  building. 

City Centre Sheds in Liverpool are one of Bertschs leading Uk agents 

We also manufacture our own range of cabins called the Bulldog Cabin Range all britsh made with a great selection most custom made .

Why not check out the rest of our site or even our blog with usefull woodworking or organic gardening  advise 

Need some advise on a suitable base for a bnew Birtsch Logcabin 

Bertsch Log Cabins

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