We have NO Record

We recently received an email from a novelist who was researching a historical work.

She simply wanted to know whether a certain MP would have been present in the House of Commons on a specific date in 1953.


The simple facts are there is NO record kept of who does and more importantly DOES NOT attend .


empty house of commons



Even so called third world counties have much better and more accountable system .

The have a group who monitor such things called – Odekro – the equivalent to our  ” They Work For You“.


We all MUST remember these MPS are Civil Servants , which means they serve us the Public and not them selves .

It appears a lot of us hard working folk have been brainwashed into thinking we are working for them ! Yes we are paying for their fat life styles and indexed link pensions while we will be lucky to get any thing the way things are going


In a letter to the Speaker of Parliament in Uganda , they point out that 125 MPs, or 45.2% of the house, failed to meet the constitution’s requirement for attendance, having been absent for more than 15 days of proceedings. If the MPs are unable to give reasonable explanations for their absence, Odekro is calling for their seats to be declared absent:


Ask you’re MP why they are NOT accountable for what they do ?


What would they not want to be answerable for the moment WE pay them. Let us all start standing up to these Public Servants and make them accountable for their actions as we are .


Things will not change until you make it known you are not happy

We all need to remind these individuals that we are their employers / bosses and that they work for us not the other way around