White Collar Crimes in Uk

Have you noticed very little white collar crime in the uk is very , very really investigated . What we mean by white collar crime are the people in suites and ties , the ones that hide behind desks in fancy offices . Not the normal criminals most of us can spot wherein a mask and carrying a gun !

Most white collar crime is committed by Banks , Police , Courts and Public Servants who hide behind our ignorance of the real facts they have been miss leading us for years .


The above video  is quite long and very in depth , but please take on board what you can and ask questions , always ask questions . Ask the Public servants who work for us , why are they doing what they do ? Ask can the show you the Law ? Ask them is it legal wha they are doing ? because the facts are 99% of them are just like sheep , they do what they are told and simply have no idea if what they are doing is correct or not !

This is how most of the Civil Service works -They are Sheep .

The whole system is corrupt from top to bottom and we the Public the need to start waking up and making these individuals accountable for their actions

We need a change in the way we conduct our Legal System and soon.

Yes we do have a reasonable system in place , but a lot of people in this system are not following the rules by twisting and manipulating the system to their own gain .

Court Order are being issued on photo copied paper . No pearson ( Judge ) appears to want to officially sign a lot of these out warrants – why ? Are they frightened they may be doing something illegal and may be made accountable if the sign in Ink ?

Simple because a lot of them are illegal and we re all lead to believe because some guy or girl turns up on your door with a shinny badge and a padded top holding a photo copied bit of paper they have rights .

Well i am sorry the Police who generally close ranks with these ( criminals ) do NOT know the Law . It is very simple we either live by the Law or we do not i am sure you will agree .

A police officer has sworn an oath to protect the PUBLIC and NOT Business and Corporations . We the rate payers pay their wages , yet recently we are seeing more and more Police effectively working as a Private Police force for Commercial , Corporate  operations and NOT doing what they are paid for or when they signed a legal document of Oath .

They just appear to be  picking out the bits that suit them when it is convenient ,  which is simply not on . These people need to realise  they are actually working for us the Public and not for them selves .

We have rules and guides for reason ! so if a Judge issues a Warrant for example her or she should sign it and be accountable for their actions . So in the case they have made a mistake they can be made accountable for that mistake as we would be if we made that mistake !

Common Law must always rule in our society , the Law of the Land and not of the Sea which is what is being used in most courts . Yes Maritime  Law  NOT Common Law as they make us believe .

We all need to wake up and the real people of this country , the hard working normal people like you and me need to speak up and get  these power mad individuals out of office and replaced with normal people who work for the People .