We Are Bank



You now have a new choice when it comes to banking .

A whole new bank that is going to be run by the People for the People unlike the currupt set we have had to deal with for most of our lives .

As we stand at this present moment in time every man woman and child in the country is in dept , and in dept to things most of us have not agreed to .

Billions of pounds being sqwandered on foreign aid to ditatorships and bongo bongo ( as one MP said )  none of this money is every account for it just goes and we the Normal people just get landed with more national  dept .

£300,000 Per Minute – £5000 per Second

check out UK Dept Clock here


We Owe 1.6 Trillion and rising ! Who do we owe this money too ? 


That is how much dept we as a country are getting into due to the miss management of our countries finances . We will NEVER , EVER be able to pay back this amount of money !

It is this simple it suites the Banks and Public servants to keep us all in Dept because the have control over us that simple .

There is NO MONEY – It is al false . Money i created only when you sign the form , it is artificial money .

just ask your self 20 years  ago did you ever hear of Billionaires ??? No because there where none . So what now do we have hundreds of them . What have they actually produced , mades or sold it generate all this money ?


The answer is nothing , totaly nothing at all .


It is computers generating false money when some presses a button – That simple .

Theres NO MONEY until you sign the only thing you get is the Dept – NOT THE MONEY as you think ? For some people is does take time for this to sink in . They say of course there must be money , i can go to the bank and get cash ? Do you mean you can go to a Bank and get some bits of paper saying a  “Promise to Pay”  yes promise because that is all that it is and as we all know promises get broken .


The day will come soon when we all wake up and the Government can not meet their depts presently running at over £5000 per second – £300,000 per minute .

So what will happen as did in Cyprus not so long ago – They will TAKE your money . YES they WILL TAKE ALL YOUR MONEY and there will be nothing you can do but cry about it .


We all need to wake up and start asking our MPs what has gone wrong – Do it now and lets see what they say.


Get your Face out your phone and do something about it .


We are all being put in Dept so we can be controlled like “Minions”


What needs to happen is the Goverment or the People themselves need to start producing our own money and stop the banks own by private profit made psychopaths putting us further into dept .