The Rich Mans Tricks

We challenge you to watch is 3 hour video embedded below

I can tell you it owned our eyes in the debating society .

We must ALL start Questioning our MPs , Police and ANY Public or Civil servant if you are unsure in any way and ANY aspect of this video

Remember these individuals work of us the general Public. It is they who elected to be our servants, not the other way around as they all appear to think nowadays.

We are  not alarmists , or day dreamers . But there are a lot of VERY , VERY concerning events exposed in this video .

Share it with your friends let others make comment and ask questions .

If we the people stick together we WILL over come these power mad psychopaths

We have been fooled for most of our lives , these power mad Bankers and Public Servants need to realise that with out us the public doing the work we do . They would have NOTHING .

No one to collect their bins

No one to make their food

No one to make the Cars and Boats

Yes we do need leaders as not every one wants or has the capacity to lead , but lead not RULE over us .

We are all FREEE Men and Woman remember that .

If any one makes you stand in Servitude ( if you don’t know hat that means – then you will be a slave for ever ) Do your research and see what servitude means ?

Good Luck