The Straw Man

We men and woman have been conned for years – watch this video

It is only 20 mins long but will open your mind to how we are being controlled by the state .

Now we re not advocating revolt or mass disobedience, what we are saying is we all need to start asking questions and making the bankers , police , civil servants answer our questions with straight answers.

For far to long now we the general public have been treated like sheep !

It is time we became the Shepard’s – The Masters again .

Master or Mister

Have a think about this ! do you remember when we were young and free and one of your peers shouted – Master Jones ! it my have been a school teacher or the likes , no matter they called you “master”

So what happened when all of a sudden you get 18 and some one some where decide to take you title away  ?

Yes you had your title takeaway from you and you did not even realise it did you ? Well there is not thing higher that a Master is there ? So why was this done ? Give it some thought – basically so the system can have control over you . Make you bow down to them , make you pay fines and taxes , take your children of you and many more things .

Now if you where a Master or Mistress in woman’s case , you would be the one in control of your affairs would you not .

Birth Certificate
When you get chance have good look at your birth certificate . Look closely at the water mark running through it . Property of the State or the likes it says and NOT to be used for identity purposes .
So does that mean you are the property of the state ?

Does the State own you ?
From the massive research that has been done one the years it appears men and women have been made into legal enter-ties called “Persons ” “Person”

We have ALL been fooled over the years by corrupt Bankers and Civil Servants the is NO question of that . Just ask any one if the would trust a Banker ?

Have a look what it says at the very bottom of your Birth Cert – Informer !

We challenge any one to find a Law that states a Man or Woman MUST pay Tax . You WILL NOT find one because it is illegal to make a MAN OR WOMAN do any thing by force .
it has to be volentry – so if you have the choice would you pay tax ?

So how the very sneaky get around this is call us “persons” the Law says a person Musty pay tax – look in any Law dictionary ( not a normal one as there are two lunges being used to fool use ) they use legal law words NOT what we where taught .

Do your research ask questions .
Call the Tax office and ask the question .
What is the legal difference between a Pearson – Person and a man or Woman and to show the law that states a man or woman must pay tax .

Good Luck and let us know how you get on .