Garden Shed Doors

From time to time we get enquires from people looking to replace a damaged garden shed door

The simple issue is – Garden Sheds are so cheap nowadays and the margins are so small there is very little after care or the will to provide it due to the very small amounts of profit in mass produced garden sheds .


For this reason it is simple not worth most garden shed makes while to start making house calls to measure up for a shed door that would cost around £20 when they would be lucky to make £3 on it ?

Simple question for you ! – Would you rent a factory , pay someones wages , get them in a car travel to your house ( are you 2 or 20 miles away ? ) with the chance of making £3 ???


Do we need to answer that for you .


So it is this simple unless we are making a batch of shed doors and they will normally only be one size  31inches wide x 70 to 74inch tall . We would not be interested in making any other size or shape shed door .


Our Advise

If the door is badly route did usually means the shed is very old and will be rotted else where .

It may be better and more cost effective to totally replace it .