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Real Life Politics

What they don’t want you to Know

Yes there are lots of things our supposed great Government and its predecessors do not want us  “sheeple” – (Sheep People) to know .
We are treated like slaves and made to cowl and answer to silly men in uniforms and badges !

Who are these people we ask .
Do the NOT work for us ?
Are WE NOT the Public and the the PUBLIC SERVANTS ?

Are have we missed something here ?

Now we are not Anti Authority / Police or the likes – far from it . In fact we want a better, more honest and open Public Service . Servants who in fact serve us the way it was suppose dot be .

Not what we have today where a lot of these self appointed Public Servants appear to be under the impression we work for them .

This goes of the Law at its highest level.

They are NOT the law – We are the Law – They simply over see it because we pay them to do so !!!!

Do not Be afraid to ask Questions of these Public Servants