Leave The EU

Leave The EU ASAP As small business men , we have struggled all our lives to try and make ends meet . Play the bills and the staff wages . Since we have been in the EU we appear to be digging our selves a deeper hole every year . Read More

Global Re Set

Global Re Set – Crash According to all information the biggest ever Crash in money markets ever know to man WILL happen in late 2016 Wake Up This is NOT scar mongering  but fact .   Ask your self this simple question ! What do we see constantly on TV Read More

Why Don’t MPs Clock On !

We have NO Record We recently received an email from a novelist who was researching a historical work. She simply wanted to know whether a certain MP would have been present in the House of Commons on a specific date in 1953.   The simple facts are there is NO Read More

Tricks of The Rich

The Rich Mans Tricks We challenge you to watch is 3 hour video embedded below I can tell you it owned our eyes in the debating society . We must ALL start Questioning our MPs , Police and ANY Public or Civil servant if you are unsure in any way Read More

Patricia Hewitt Sick in Head MP

Patricia Hewitt  MP This Woman needs locking up and the key throwing away . She wanted the age of consent for sex lower to 10 years Old ! How can any human being think it could be correct to effectively allow a 10 year old to be raped ?   Read More

We Are Bank

We Are Bank www.wearebank.co.uk    You now have a new choice when it comes to banking . A whole new bank that is going to be run by the People for the People unlike the currupt set we have had to deal with for most of our lives . As Read More

Straw Man

The Straw Man We men and woman have been conned for years – watch this video It is only 20 mins long but will open your mind to how we are being controlled by the state . Now we re not advocating revolt or mass disobedience, what we are saying Read More

White Collar Crime

White Collar Crimes in Uk Have you noticed very little white collar crime in the uk is very , very really investigated . What we mean by white collar crime are the people in suites and ties , the ones that hide behind desks in fancy offices . Not the Read More

BBC TV Licence

BBC TV Licence – Why   Do NOT pay your TV Licence if you pay for other services such as Sky After watching  this Video of a very nice Police Lady Constable , who clearly does not know the Law. What  is doing wasting Public Money on what is a Read More

Corrupt Banks

Corrupt Banks ! Are They ? All Banks are Corrupt – They can NOT be trusted We are being fooled and a daily basis by out of control Banks and Civil Service Use this link to a 12 year old girl in a Utube Video Check out video here The Read More