Garden Pool House

No matter what size or shape pool house you have in mind , we can help to to get the right building for the job .

As one of the  Uks leading manufactures and main agents for all the leading European suppliers the City Sheds Group will be able to get you the right building at a value for money prices .


We will always be straight and to the point , if we can not supply it we will tell you so strightaway and point you in the right direction .


Your Budget

This is the single largest factor we come across when dealing with Pool House Enquires .

So many times we see people trolling the net , seeing nice images and simply guessing the price !

We have an old but very true saying – If it looks nice it usually cost more money !


Simple Free Standing Pool House

These are usually  the most cost effective way of providing a structure suitable to fit pool equipment and use as changing / showering facilities .

One of our stock size and shape garden log cabins will usually do the job . They are all fully prices on our main web site 


Fully Covered Pool House


This is where the larger budgets are required , when you need to completely enclose your pool .

There are many more factories that need talking into place and you will most certainly need the services of a archetect and even a structrial engineer to comply with local planning and building control regulations .

At this stage we would suggest you do not even bother looking at prices and spend your time talking with your local council to see if it will be even worth your while applying for planning concent . As there is simply no point in getting prices if the council will not allow you to have such a structure .


We are finding more and more nowadays big differences between local authorise and how they interoperate the rules . Our advise at this point is an informal chat with your local planning officer to get a feel for their thoughts .


Yes we know what going through your mind – trumped up little job worths – public servants telling me what i can and can not have !!!! But this is the world we live in nowadays.


pool house    L Shaped Pool House