Patricia Hewitt  MP

This Woman needs locking up and the key throwing away .

She wanted the age of consent for sex lower to 10 years Old !

How can any human being think it could be correct to effectively allow a 10 year old to be raped ?


Here is a link to an article in the Observer Newspaper where she is trying to back track on her comments for supporting the legal age of sex to be changed to 10 years old .

Yes she is trying to cover here tracks now it has been made public . But never the less that where the thoughts going throw her head back then .

So what sort of people does she associate with and what goes on in these sick MPs heads .


When you look further in to  the whole story they wanted the age to be 7 years old ??

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Patria Hewitt supports Pedofiles


The Telegraph asked her to explain why the NCCL of which she was general secretary had pledged its “protection and support” for prominent paedophile group the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE).

There is NO excuse for this sort of behaviour,  how can we the general public be expect to have any confidence in our MPs when people like this with there perverted views are in charge . Even if it worked our she worms her way out of tech coments ( as the  usually do )  come on supporting the –Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE)

Surely can not be in the Publics interest can it ?


Here are some comments for the blogs :

place for men to share their sexual feelings for children


To members of PIE the group was place for men to share their sexual feelings for children with fellow members. To mothers who pelted its activists with rotten fruit at a public meeting, PIE was a menace to children. To a young Patricia Hewitt, PIE was “campaigning/counselling group for adults” which a disgusted public had “misunderstood.”

This is the reason why Labour grandees including Hewitt, deputy leader Harriet Harman and her husband MP Jack Dromey, have been facing awkward questions from their radical past.

The Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) came in to the orbit of some of today’s top Labour politicians via the National Campaign for Civil Liberties (NCCL) in the mid-1970s. The group for child sex enthusiasts affiliated with NCCL a year after it was founded, chaired by Keith Hose, in 1975.

Hose was a major force in getting PIE publicity and in its growth. Doing this meant the group described themselves as “child lovers” not child abusers and also claimed youngsters were “repressed” by the system. In this way, PIE was able to join in the febrile sexual politics debate of the period, by exploiting terms and concepts usually associated with causes such as feminism and rights for homosexuals.


PIE’s agenda was altogether more sinister, although its supporters appear to have been genuinely baffled at the horror they engendered. Among the group’s demands was the insistence that sex with children be legal from the age of four. Its tentacles spread far and wide in spite of widespread opprobrium. Members of PIE came from all walks of life, including at least one Anglican priest and an Establishment grandee, former high commissioner to Canada Peter Hayward.


But for anyone who was in any way politically active at the time, the existence of PIE was well known, although it was very careful to hide its full agenda. It was, in many ways, an entryist organisation attempting to gain respectability by attaching itself to legitimate groups.