Leave The EU ASAP

As small business men , we have struggled all our lives to try and make ends meet . Play the bills and the staff wages .

Since we have been in the EU we appear to be digging our selves a deeper hole every year .

Unelected Odd balls who most we can not even pronounce their names are left in charge of make Laws and Acts the effect our every day life.


These individuals do NOT live in the same world as us working class for sure .

They live and work in a cotton wool world ! Index link pay and subsidised accommodation only things we could dream of .

The amount of waste this out dated Hipopotomus of a set up creates is eye watering .

Millions and millions spend on weird and not so wonderful ideas . Supporting african dace groups for £500K to express their feeling through dance ????

Come on , one is against a bit of culture and Africans sure do know how to dance .