L Shape Sheds

There will be times when you are real stuck for space and you need maximum storage .

An L shaped shed or workshop may be the answer .


Now to make a bespoke , made to measure building will cost you more than a stock building for obvious reasons . It is not always about the amount of materials being used overall in its construction . But the amount of time and labour it will take to not only measure and set up but to make and eventually erect at your home .

As a factory we are set up mainly to mass produce products to keep the cost down . So when we have to take up factory space , machine time and labor , who is paying for this loss ?

Unfortunately it will have to be you the end user who wants a custom made L shaped shed or workshop that


Do not be to alarmed , we are not talking fortunes but as a very , very rough guide work out the size of the nearest standard sized building we supply . For example you want an L shaped building 20ft long x 8 ft wide , then a 10 ft exstention  on one end to make up the L shape.

So select a  20 x 8 and a 10 x 8 then add 10% .


If you want a garden workshop grade 22mm use the prices on the workshop page and and corner L shaped building of that size would cost you £2240 for the 20 x 8 then £1095 for the 10 x 8 =  £3340 plus 10% totals out at around £3600 .

Now the same size building can be up to £1500 cheaper by using thinner 12mm cladding and lower grade roof coverings . Or you can go more expensive by upgrading 28m or even 44mm .


As you can see the same sized building can vary in price by a few thousand pounds . You only limited by your imagination and your budget .

We will be pleased to quote you for and base laying services you may  need along with removal of old buildings .


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