Hard Wood Sheds

Having a shed or summerhouse made from one of the may forms of Hardwood will end up being a life time investment compared to a traditional softwood shed.

Hardwood timbers can come in many forms , some of which will amaze you . Balsa Wood ( very soft ) is in-fact from the hardwood family of timbers as is Cedarwood , again a soft to the touch hardwood but very long lasting .

A true hardwood as most of us know it tends to be a heavy much more dense timber to thermal softwood / red woods most of us are use today .

Why Use Hardwood

One very simple reason – it will last a lot , lot longer than a normal softwood equivalent.
The down side its it is difficult to machine and handle plus very difficult to nail using traditional air nail guns . So it would infect have to be screwed together , a very time consuming event.

As with most things in life it is about compromise, do you need a Range Rover to go to the shops ?


Yes hardwood will out last both your and our selves in years – but do you need your shed to last that long ?


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