Global Re Set – Crash

According to all information the biggest ever Crash in money markets ever know to man WILL happen in late 2016

Wake Up

This is NOT scar mongering  but fact .


Ask your self this simple question !

What do we see constantly on TV and Media all the time – Dept – Poverty – War


Do you feel safe in your job ?

Do you feel safe going abroad on Holliday now ?


Just look at the price of Oli – Now lets say for example you where an old company and pay your sell $120 for every barrel of old you sell , wow you are doing really well. So now hat happens when you can only get $40 for your oil ???? you have lost 2 thirds of your income !!! .


Yes you will need to start cutting back on things , stop spending as much . Get the picture.

It is a fact we are simply not using as much oil and there is to much of it around .


The dollar WILL crash sooner than later – you have been warned .


Most people would say no they are not and for good reason .

Have a look at this link to a well established web site –  Click here