BBC TV Licence – Why


Do NOT pay your TV Licence if you pay for other services such as Sky

After watching  this Video of a very nice Police Lady Constable , who clearly does not know the Law. What  is doing wasting Public Money on what is a Civil Matter ?

We suggest you leave your comments on the U tube Channel .


The Police generally do a really good job and rightly so. BUT what is happening far to often nowadays is we see our trusted Public Servants spending their time which we pay for supporting what are civil disputes .

So for example if you had a small business say selling flowers and someone owed you £140 ( same price as TV Licence ) would you call the Police to help you ? NO


Cancel your TV Licence Here 


There is No Law or more important Contract that obligates you to watch BBC TV ! So why pay a licence fee ?

If you do not watch live TV and use the likes of Sky , On Demand or the likes .


The BBC is a private business with directors all taking big salaries each month. It is a business and not a Public Service . That is the difference.


These are the opinions of a small group we debate with and notnecessarily the views of City Sheds


Cancel your TV Licence right now .