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Interlocking Logcabins

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Interlocking Log Cabins For Sale

44mm Log Cabins For Sale

As Garden Log Cabin manufactures and agents for all leading brands , we can offer you the very best value for money interlocking and sectional garden log cabins and timber buildings in the whole of the mainland UK and Ireland.

Log Cabin Workshops and Other Buildings.

Any size Any shape all built to a quality and not a price.


We exclusively manufacture and use quality, sustainable, machined timbers for all our timber garden cabins.

City center’s garden cabins are constructed for durability, style and practical use and are for sale at value for money prices.

We are proud NOT to be the Cheapest

But Proud to offer the Best Value For Money Garden Log Cabins

Do You Need Planning Permission For A Garden Cabin?

We regularly receive questions regarding planning permission guidelines, and you will probably be nicely surprised to learn that the vast majority of our garden log cabins and sectional cabins for sale generally do not need to have planning permission, provided they are situated as outlined by planning recommendations. 

This generally means if you keep your new cabin under 2.5m max height and less than 30 sq m total floor space you will not normally need to apply for planning consent.

As long as it is NOT used for any Residential or Business purposes, we do not make the rules or guidelines only work within them. 

We can and will supply you any size, shape or quality of log cabin building you need. You are only limited by your imagination and your budget – how much you have to spend on your project.

We are more than happy to respond to the questions you have in regards to this, or any other issues you may have concerns with.

Building Regulations For Garden Cabins

Under certain conditions, especially if you wish to turn a log cabin into a residential building then you will need the building to comply with building regulations. 

This is especially pertinent in respect to fire and general safety issues.

If this is required we can ensure that the entire building is treated with a certificated fire retardant to prevent the spread of any flames. We also ensure that a suitable smoke alarm if fitted to give adequate warning of any potential issue. A lot of these issues can be dealt with during the Cabins erecting process


Insulation Of Garden Cabins

If you’re planning to make use of your garden log cabin throughout the year we advise the installation using a suitable roof and floor insulating material. 

This is extremely efficient in helping to maintain your building cool within summer months and cozy in the wintertime. Floor insulation keeps your cabin comfortable through preventing cold air rising upwards through the base. 

The insulating material also provides a vapour screen to counteract humidity rising through the flooring.

The vast majority of our buyers find no reason in choosing wall insulation. 

The thickness in the walls coupled with the roofing and flooring insulation is more than satisfactory in most cases , but this will be down to a matter of opinion. 

Should you need the walls insulating this is possible but is a much more complex job. There are a number of way this can be carried out and will simply depend on how much extra  money you are prepared to part with and to what level you require this work completed to?

To carry out this job extra battens will need to be fixed to internal walls allowing a gap that insulation can be inserted . Then an internal layer of timber will need to be added.

As a very, rough guide you can expect to pay at least 50% of the basic buildings cost for this service . 

The other option you may use is our twin skin cabin range , these are effectively two lots of interlocking walls so the inside and out side will look identical, insulation will then be inserted in the gap between those logs.

Be sure to get in touch with us for more additional details.

Quality Garden Cabin Sales – Guaranteed! is one of the UK front runners in designing, makers , locating and supplying garden cabins for sale, garden structures , summerhouses and timber frame buildings. We provide a massive selection of sizes, styles, designs, timber as well as wall thicknesses along with insulation choices for residential and also home office use.
We are extremely familiar with the application of CNC (computerised) timber machines, providing current designs which can be precisely machined.
Our garden log cabins are only be manufactured from top quality Larch or Pine coming from Siberia and the Baltic states generally. We have routinely been at the cutting edge of development regarding cabin designs and solutions for example the Clockhouse, the Camping Pod, as well as twin-skin double wall design for optimal insulated home office and garden constructions.
The standard of manufacturing in our garden log cabins is actually enviably superior, yet provides great value for money compared to a lot of suppliers .
Our company offers a great selection of wall thicknesses to suit your requirements and uses not to mention your budget for this project.
Single and twin-skin styles are constructed using an interlocking , overlapping system . For the roof, you can have the option of quality polyester torch on roofing felt or housing quality felt shingles in a selection of styles and color’s.
Each of our windows are manufactured to a joiner quality, much better in reality to many houses in the united kingdom. Fully double glazed 22mm systems provide you with the versatility of ’tilt and turn’ as standard, permitting the windows to be opened up either from the top for venting or completely from the side.
The standard 28mm flooring is essential in providing a sense of superior quality and a strong feel. A floor that is too thin will easily flex and rebound giving a that unsafe feeling . A lot of log cabins offer you  12mm or 19mm thick floors as a means of reducing the price to make it look like you are getting a better deal, however with us we only provide the highest quality 28mm solid tongue and groove pine flooring surfaces.
There are many reasons for selecting a garden cabin through It could be the amazing visual appearance, the sensible design, the environmentally friendly factor, the expanse of glass windows for doing work or simply looking at the garden, durable design, sophisticated engineering machining, simplicity of installation, top quality fixtures windows and doors,
That wonderful smell of fresh new wood, the ease of routine maintenance, not to mention the marvelous prices and value. However most importantly, you will find the reassurance, we have considered each of the details in order to guarantee you can actually unwind and luxuriate in your superb new log cabin by City Centre Sheds.


Manufacturers of Garden Log Cabins

There are many suppliers of garden log cabins scattered all over the internet that specialize in the sale of log cabins , but not many are actual manufactures .

As well as our own Bulldog British made range of garden log cabins, we can offer you the best range of garden cabins from the leading manufacturers in the EU.

Over the years we have tried many different suppliers, some better than others, and have narrowed the plethora of manufacturers down to the best of the best.

Now as most of us are aware you only get what you pay for in life , so the same goes of a timber cabin. Yes we all hear about these fantastic prices some one has seen on line ? But we never seam to find them can we!

As the old saying goes, if it seams to good to be true it usually is. To make something cheaper it always boils down to a few simple things. Something must be taken away from that product to make it cheaper or use less and lower garde materials.

Not rocket science, it means not get lower grade and less materials used in that building . So in real terms you have not got a cheap deal you are just paying for less of a building .

You can buy a BMW for £19,000 and one for £30,000 what is the difference – they are both log cabins, sorry cars??

The range of garden log cabins for sale available is immense and within this section we have mentioned a few of the more popular styles and designs. Here is a selection of  log cabin styles by brand: Bulldog CabinsLasita CabinsLugarde Cabins, Palmako Cabins,LV Log Cabins, Bertsch Cabins.

There are thousands Of Log Cabin Designs Available and we strongly recommend that you contact Us To Discuss Your Individual Requirements. We can then point you in the right direction in respect to afford ability and quality.

Delivery And installation Of A Garden Cabin

City Centre sheds have been supplying and installing garden cabins across the UK since their inception into the marketplace and where on elf the market leaders for many years.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in the successful construction of all types of log cabins for sale through the years, you can be assured of the very best service possible.

Prior to delivery customers should ensure that there some type of flat, level base available for successful construction. This base can be made via, wooden framework base large slabs or concrete. We would be more than happy to quote for this service in preparation.

Each of our installers are skilled and familiarized with every facet of garden cabin production, design and installation. So you’re able to relax knowing that your brand new garden building is going to be installed both accurately and safely.

Right from the start of the installation right up until you sign off on the project, our staff will perform the work they do with the minimum amount of disturbance to you as well as your garden.


City Centre Sheds One stop Garden Log Cabin Shop

Just pick up the phone and ask as many questions as you like about Log cabins – we will have the answer and if we don’t then it will be a new one on us ?

Our staff have many, years of experience with an old fashioned hands on approach to handling and building log cabins , they are not your normal “gel haired car sales man sort ” who talk a good story over the phone but can not back it up !