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Pressure Treated Sheds

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Pressure Garden Workshops / Sheds

Tanalised / Pressure Impregnated Timbers

Pressure Treated Sheds one thing that many people can agree on is the fact that buying a shed is not a simple job now days . It is important that you weigh all of your options and make a purchase that you will not regret later.

Our selection of Tanalised sheds at City Centre Sheds may be exactly what you need, but you may not know for sure until you read the information below.

Most important fact most suppliers will not tell is you WILL still need to treat the building to make it waterproof .

A Tanalised building is NOT WATERPROOF!

The first thing I should do is explain to you exactly what tanalised sheds are. These are structures that are made of wood that has been treated under pressure .

This is when chemicals are forced into the wood to protect it and preserve it for many years to come. The wood is placed into a cylinder and vacuum pressure is applied to force the preservatives into it.

This will protect it from things like insects ,fungal and general decay. But not bad weather entering it !

Very import note nearly every supplier of tanalised sheds forget to inform you of this fact  – They are NOT water proof at this stage .

The treatment is for decay protection and NOT weather proofing .

It WILL require a good coat of spirit based water repellant to stop water getting in. 

When you buy a tanalised shed from City Centre Sheds, it will deliver and erect it free within 30 miles of Liverpool , out side this area there will be an additional delivery charge.

One reason people buy tanalised sheds is to reduce the amount of effort they have to put into maintenance, having someone else put it together for you is an added bonus.

This means that from the minute the tanalised shed is erected in your backyard, there will be minimal work or maintenance that you have to do.

Different Quality Tanalised Sheds

There is also a major difference in the way and the amount of time the timbers are pressure treated. Now days we see so many discounted pressure treated buildings on line , that effectively have on had a cats lick ( if that ) in the pressure chamber .

Time is money as we all know , so by cutting corners and allowing timber to stay in treatment chamber for only a few mines will massively save money .

But by law – yes it has been pressure treated . But not properly ! You work it out !

The type you choose should depend on what you plan to use your tanalised shed for.

If you are looking to use it strictly for storage them the apex or pent roof shed would work just fine, but if you would like to use it as your own personal work space, you should consider getting one of our heavy duty tanalised garden workshops.

There are many companies out there that offer pre-built tanalised sheds and at first looks appear to be a bit cheaper than what is offered at City Centre Sheds.

Do not allow price and convenience to be the thing that sways you into making the wrong decision. Since not all sheds and certainly tanalised sheds are built in the same way.

As was discussed earlier in this article, it is a great idea to get a tanalised shed because they can go a long time with minimum maintenance.

In fact, you can have them for 15-20 years before you will have to repair or replace them. Can you imagine not having to worry about your structure for such a long time?

Meaning that you will be able to focus on more important things like what to put in your shed and what you can do to keep your yard well-maintained.

But there is an alternative ! By simply buying the normal shed or workshop and ensuring it is raised of the ground to allow air to ventilate and keep it dry . Once it has had a few coats of a quality spirit based treatment it will effectively last just as long if not longer.

There has long been a fallacy that having a shed pressure treated is the best choice when in fact the pressure treating system was designed for fencing post and panels that do not required to be kept dry ? Have you ever been told that before ?

You will find a lot of tanalised shed suppliers who line the insides of their buildings with a bitumen building paper .

This is usually to hide the fact that unless fully dried the timber is likely to spit and move much more than that of a normal shed due to the vast amount of moisture impregnated into that timber during the treating process.

If you are still not convinced that you should get a tanalised shed from City Centre Sheds, maybe you should read this again. There are many pros and cons  to this type of shed.

Even if you decide that you would like another type of shed, you should still make it a point to buy it from City Centre Sheds.

Low Quality Tanalised Sheds

With the growth of the internet we are now finding a lot of adverts for so called cheap tanalised sheds appearing on sites like Ebay. They do appear much cheaper so we ended up buy one to see how it was made up.

When we had it analysed it worked out that they where using not only seconds grade timber but the timber itself was not being correctly tanalised.

Ending up with a  very pale light green , blotchy effect all over the building.



Small Sheds

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Small Sheds

Sheds To Fit Small Spaces

We get lots of enquiries for small sheds every week.

We will shortly be offering a range of basic sizes less than a 4×4 which is presently our smallest shed .

Small Shed Issues

The biggest issue we have is explaining to clients who much space is actually available inside a small shed

As we use 2×2 ( 50x50mm ) Framing and min  1/2 inch (12mm ) cladding automatically you will lose around 125mm or 5 inch .

Then you need to consider the roof overhang of at least 50mm ( 2inch )

We are now up to 7 inch  ( 175mm )

So with this in mind if you only wanted a 3ft wide shed  ( 1000mm ) you will only have 29inch ( 825mm)

Only just about sufficient space for a brush and spade !

Keep an eye on this page for future updates and pricing once we go into production.


Sheds London

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LV Log Cabins London



Garden Sheds Supplied and Fitted in London , even though  we are based up North in Liverpool , you will find us very competitive  when we supply and fit Garden Sheds and Summer Houses.Basicaly because our overheads up here in North- Liverpool tend to be much lower than that of the London Area we are able to pass on those saving to shed and summer hosue buyers in the London and surounding Areas.Some of the small basic Garden Sheds we will be unable to supply for pure economical reasons , nowadays there is such a very small margin with the cheaper end of the market place – around 10% selling a £300 shed to London would simply not stack up with us only making £30 the fuel in our truck to london and back would be £180 alone. So it does not take a rocket scientist to work that out ?For that reason stated above you may well be better buying your budget / cheaper garden  shed from a more local supplier even thought it may appear more expensive in the first instance.

Heavy Duty Sheds London

Where you will find us most competitive is in this area , strong traditionally made heavy duty buildings .Not just words on a web site like some suppliers , but true heavy weight buildings and structures .So many times nowadys we see online adverts for heavy duty sheds or workshops , which once you spend thetime to look into what it is constructed form simply ends up being a normal light weight garden shed and no more .But by giving it a title of  “Workshop” just makes it appear to be so much more .Do not be fooled , there are specialist writers out there nowadays who’s soul purpose is to tell you what you what too hear and not always the truth .The simple truth is to make a building cheaper you have to take something away from it ! Not rocket science , just common sence .A trude strong Workshop Shed will have atleast 75 x 50mm framing ( not 38mm ) and cladding atleast 22mm or even 28 mm ( not 10 or 12mm )
  • Are the hinges galvanised cast british made or cheap pressed electro plated things ?
  • What grade of roofing felt is being used ?

Bespoke Sheds in London

Although you will find a great range of Timber Garden Sheds / Summer House / Cabins and Studios that we deliver to the London area we also offer Custom / Bespoke service , which means you can have the building made to your exact requirements ( at extra cost of course)The biggest problem we encounter with delivering sheds and timber buildings to London is getting access , especially to Mews or Town houses which London is renowned for .If you have restricted access and the building will need to carried through your house then this can become and issue especially with buildings over 10ft x 6ft . So you need to give this some consideration before placing an orderBecause of our flexible and friendly approach to these issues we have gained a great reputation in the London Area . As you may be well aware a lot of suppliers are simply not flexable and a bit stuck in their old ways and not prepared to put them selves out to offer you this service .We are here to help , we will tell you straight if it can or can not be done with your budget. When we say budget , what you have to spend does play a major roll now days.Buying a mass-produced items on the likes of ebay and having them posted to you is not the same as have a large bulky and in some cases extremely heavy item deliveredNo matter what your problem is timber building wise , we are sure to have an answer for you and if we have not we will certainly advise you the best way to approach it .But eventually it all boils down to money . If you have the money and the will to buy then we can provide it . But as everything in life you only get what you pay for. No such thing as a free meal , it must be paid for at some time and some where!You are only limited by your budget and your imagination – whey not check out some of our summerhouses  Contact Us 

Sheds Cheshire

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Garden Shed Suppliers Cheshire

Cheshire’s Leading Timber Building Suppliers

Although our factory is based in Liverpool , mainly for logistical timber supply reasons . City Centre Sheds can offer by far the very best overall deal on New Timber Garden Sheds In Cheshire .

As Cheshire generally is only 45 minites from Liverpool City Centre , basicaly the same as Manchester is away from us , we find it very easy to make regular Shed deliveries to Chesire .

We regularly supply and even install garden sheds, garden workshops, wooden garages, summer houses & log cabins  throughout Cheshire including … Chester, Congleton, Crewe, Ellesmere Port, Great Sankey, Halton, Macclesfield, Northwich, Norton, Runcorn, Warrington, Widnes, Wilmslow & Winsford areas


10 x 6 Apex Shed

Small Cheap Sheds Cheshire

Unfortunately if it is a small cheap shed you are looking for ? You have found the Wrong Suppliers .

We simply do not get involved in the cheap and nasty end of the Garden Shed Business. There are lots of online dealers and traders who can offer cheap basic sheds and you are welcome to try them out . The simple thing is , there is NO money to be made in Cheap Sheds especially with the large amount of complaints that are received due to their low quaility .

For these reasons alone it is simply not worth the time and effort to sell such products.

Sheds Cheshire – Value For Money

This is what we are about, offering you the best overall value for money pound for pound on Quality Garden Sheds . Some people do realise the profit margins in a small shed are now down to £15 to £20 per shed . So, if we break a window glass or miss something off the truck and we are losing money . This is why you will see very bad customer reviews on a lot of these Budget Shed Sales Web SItes. They simply want to do as much turnover as possable and have no after sale service whatsoever, knowing that most people will simply not pay to return a bulky item like a Shed or Summerhouse.

For us, It is not just about money,, but about happy customers, who are prepared to recommend us to other clients , as this is by far the best and most cost effective way of doing busines.

Our Factory show site is open 6 days a week for you to call in,  view, touch and feel the products for yourself. Something you can not do with these discount online sales sites .

Sheds Cheshire – Heavy Duty

This is the area in which we specialize – Stong Sheds & Workshops . Not your run of the mill Basic Sheds or Summer Houses .

The Heavy Duty Sheds we Supply in Cheshire are made from 12mm Thick Cladding on 75mm x 50mm (3″ x 2″)  framework , nearly double that of your basic shed suppliers so you will be getting a proper traditionally built shed or workshop . All made by hand – No automatic machines just good old fashioned hard work by local tradesmen who have done this type of work most of their lives.

Check Out Other Timber Buildings We Supply In Cheshire

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Base Laying Services from Sheds Cheshire

As part of our comprehensive service we can provide you with a selection of bases suitable for your new shed , summer house or log cabin .

It is vital that any garden structure has a good solid level area for it to be sited on , other wise you will encount problems in the long term . This  fact alone is the biggest cause of isues we have with clients . The simple fact is all our sections are made in jigs ona flat level styeel bench so we know it is perfectly square when it leaves the factory , when when we get to site and the base is sloping this can and will cause isues like the door not closing correctly .

This is fact is beyound our control and we can  only work with the base you have supplied , so if you are in any way unsure please contact us for advise , it is totaly free and with over 35 year sof jhands on expericnce we know what we are talking about .

From basic 3×3 timber bearers , pressure treated timer frame bases , flagged or solid concrete, we can sort the whole process out for you at on fixed price – base price quides 

Organic Gardening tips can be found on our regularly updated Gardening and Shed Blog

Sheds Bases

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Timber Building – BASES

Having a suitable Solid Level Base ready prior to erecting you new Garden Shed / Summer House or Log Cabin is very important .

We can supply and fit a base to suite any size or shape garden building- Free quotes

Treat it like the foundations of your House ! If the Foundations are not strong and solid you can not expect the building to stand up correctly .

It is simply not good enough to expect a Timber Building to sit directly on to Soil or Grass . As soon as it starts raining all that wet will be soaked up directly in to the Timber of Your Shed or Summer House , it will then dry out . When this starts happening on a regular basis it starts dry rot in the Timbers.

Shed Bases – Very Important Note – Floor Bearer Direction

The floor Bearers on all our Buildings run the Length and NOT the Width of the building unless we have informed you or you request them to run the other direction in writing via a dated email if we need to return to site because of your mistake – there will be an additional charge.

There will a be a full drop down option on every product page on this site where you can either select this service or not .

You have a number of options to select from

  • Flagged Base – Used reconditioned used paving flags
  • Timber Framed Base – Made using pressure treated Timbers for small sheds
  • Heavy Duty Timber Framed Base – Made using stronger , thicker presure treated timbers to take weigh of Interlocking Cabins
  • Gravel Base – Ideal for a Grassed area where turf can be removed and replaced with Gravel
  • Solid Concrete Base – The most expensive option requiring a lot more work and preparation.

Our prices quoted are only “Guest-a-metes” and may vary depending on your ground conditions, the prices quoted are for you have a reasonable level and solid area by this we mean with 25mm (1-inch ) Any more that this will require extra work and as such will increase the price .

There will be a minimum charge of £20 extra or 20% which ever is the greater , on top of the basic quote for any such additional work and simply depending up on how much extra levelling , moving of obstacles , what the ground conditions are this fee will need to negotiated directly with the lads on site as they are self employed and we are suck in the office here and they are on the ground so we can not assist from here !

Shed Bases

If you are NOT SURE send us a picture by email so we can get a better idea and offer you some advice. This will then be passed on to the fitters who will try wherever possible to give you a price for that extra work over phone . But it really does come down to then getting on site and assessing the work involved .

 Solid Concrete Base  


concrete shed base

Basic Timber Frame Base 



Large Flagged Base 


flared base

Gravel Base



Heavy Duty Raised Timber Base 


Log Cabin Bases – Larger Buildings

Now you must realise generally Log Cabins / Garden Offices / Workshops  are a much heavier structures compared with a general Garden Shed or Summer House . So as such , the supporting structure must be treated in a totally different way.

The shear weight of any building with cladding 22mm and over will cause a normal lightweight base to possibly move slightly under its weight. In most cases this is not really a major issue and will simply have to be accepted under the conditions.

Without  spending expensive time and materials on ensuring the sub base has been fully compacted before the fitting of any paving flags there may well be a likelihood of some movement / heaving / sliping or the likes , no of which will do any major harm to the building .The  weight of the paving flags is usually enough to compact the ground below it

It inevitably all boils down to how much effort and money you are prepared to put into your base . In this day and age where so many people are price oriented , prices and such quality are being forced down . the only true way to save money on service or structure is to take something away from it . In the case of a base these usually means spending less time preparing the the ground to take the base.

If you are looking for a 100% perfect job then you will need to fork out the money , it can not be done on the cheap .

We can offer you as much advise as you need if you intend to do this work your self and can offer you again a selection of options to suit your budget and the building concerned. Please take our advise it is FREE even if you do not use our services and you intend to do the base your self .

Don’t listen to the lads in Pub or Nabours or Ex Joiners who talk a good story but do not really know or have never actually provided a base for this sort of structure .

You will pay the price in the end if it collapses or sinks !

Sheds Southport

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Garden Sheds Southport

Southport’s leading shed supplier

Logcabins Southport

City Centre Sheds is Based in Liverpool but covers all Southport Areas with sheds , summerhouses , garden workshops, made to measure timber buildings.

Shed Show Site Southport

Forsaw Timber Suppliers ,

Guildford Road ,



We presently have a 10 x 8 heavy duty workshop and a heavy duty summerhouse on display but this will increase over the coming months. We are hoping to have a larger summerhouse and a interlocking 44mm log cabin on show within the next few months.

Originally had Two show sites in Southport many years ago , now with the age of the Internet we found not many people where actually bothering to come out and look .

The cost of staffing , rent , rates and other overheads were driving up the Prices .

So it was a simple decision to close down these sites and work from our Main Factory .

Southport has always been a good area for us for the higher quality timber buildings.

At the end of the day a shed is a shed so if you just looking for a cheap storage shed there are plenty of suppliers who can provide you with a low grade building online nowdays .

It is when you are looking for a better quality shed or timber garden workshop / logcabin is where you will appreciate our services.

35 Years Supplying Summerhouses Sheds Southport

With over 35 years in this business there is very little we have not come across.

Our bespoke service allows you to have a timber building , shed , cabin or store made to your exact specifications Garden Rooms , Home Offices , Children’s Play Cabins.
More an more People are spending their spare time in the Garden now days and the selection of Building is mind-blowing from the most basic to the most outrageous it is simply down to how much money you are prepared to spend on your Project.

Best Sheds Southport

We have by far the best selection of reasonably price timber garden buildings in the Southport area by far. Try visiting any of the large garden centers in your area like Dobbies to get an idea , some of the prices they are quoting will leave you out of breath . One of the Major Garden Centre chains Dobbies has a massive show site in Southport with over 40 full sized buildings set up , but you may need to remortgage to buy one !

It is just down the road from the main hospital and open 7 days a week , call in pick up some ideas and give us a call and we will guarantee to beat their prices likes for likes.
By using the Links on the Left Hand side of this Page , it will allow you to view over 1500 different Timber Garden Buildings that we can Deliver and Erect to all Areas in and around Southport , Lancashire

Sheds Southport Base Laying Sevices

We also offer a full Shed Removal and Base Laying Service where we will come to your home prepare the found and lay a suitable base for the building you have ordered
Depending on the size and type of gardne building you want , diffrent building will require a certain type of base .

Sheds Southport – Remove old sheds

As part of our comprehensive service we can dismantle and remove your old garden shed or summerhouse and dispose of them at a registered wat tranfer staion.

The extra change will depend upon the size of the building.

We can offer you a full Garden make over service via our group of self employed contractors, fencing , decking, flagging

Need a Custom Made shed and Live in Southport

We can help

No matter what shape or size we can make it . you are only limited by your budget and your imagination .

The old saying –  money can get you virtually any thing and that is certainly true for a custom made shed , summer house or garden cabin.

Call in to Forshaws or email us a sketch of your ideas along with a picture of the area you intend to site the building so we are all on the same wave length

Typical Questions we get asked from Southport shed buyers

Does the price include erecting

Yes any price you see on this site will include us Fully erecting  the shed at your address in te Southprot area  FREE of charge , providing you have a Solid / Level base ready before we arrive .

Its the shed Treated

Yes all our buildings supplied to this area are fully treated with one base coat of water based treatment , diped into a large tank so the treatmet gets into every nook and crany .

For a prolonged life you will need to give your building a coat of quaility Spirit based treatment ASAP after delivery , certainly with in 2 weeks to ensure it is made waterproof.

We do not take away the old shed in the price

Unfortunately NO we do not remove your old shed as it is now classed as industrial waste and unless you your self personally take it to the tip , we as a business must pay to have it disposed of in a commercial waste transfer depot.

We do how ever offer a service where we will dismantle and reove your old building check out our charges here

Southport Sheds – offer the best value for money 

Southport  Sheds- will price match any like for like quote 

Southport Sheds – have over 30 years of expericance 

Southport Sheds – offer free advice on timber garden buildings

50 Sheds Of Grey

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50 Sheds Not Shades of Grey

A lighter Shed of Grey

We slipped on the veranda, turned cartwheels ‘cross the lawn, I was feeling kind of beer sick, but I still crawled out for more. The shed was spinning faster, and my date began to sway. When I offered her another drink, she fainted clean away.
And so it was later, that Camilla viewed the scene. And her face at first just yellow, turned a lighter shade of green. She said ‘This shed looks frightful,’ And  the truth was plain to tell, in my haste I’d made my out-house, A psychedelic hell. Over sixteen fretful virgins had left without their coats, and although my door was open, it might just as well have been closed.
And so it was later, that the painter had his way, and my shed at first just ghastly turned a lighter shade of grey . . .


Sadly, the change of colour didn’t prove any more successful. In despair, I turned to poetry but that didn’t work either  . . .


‘Shall I compare thee to a summerhouse? Thou art more homely and more intimate. Rough women do shake my darling shed of grey, but summarily spurn a second date.’


However, after many years spent alone with nothing but my poetry and the swimsuit edition of Sheds Illustrated to keep me company, my luck finally changed. Brenda was everything those girls weren’t – easily pleased. Our eyes had met across a crowded garden centre. The very next day I took her home to meet my shed and I knew instantly from her reaction (she didn’t run away, screaming) that she was the one. We were married just three weeks later (it was quite a short guest list as it was only a small shed) and spent an idyllic honeymoon basking in the Caribbean sun . . .


We stood alone on the idyllic white beach. She shed her clothes. I shed my inhibitions. At that moment I knew it would always be about sheds.


Fifty Sheds Of Grey


. . . A gentle tapping jolts me from my sun-kissed reverie. I glance at my office door and straighten my back, ready to greet my mystery visitor. ‘Come in,’ I repeat, a little deeper and even more gravelly. Still the door doesn’t move. I’m bracing myself for my very deepest and most gravelly voice ever when I notice a pigeon sitting on the window ledge. He cocks his head quizzically at me then taps the glass with his tiny beak. I smile at him and give him a wink, then frown at my 96-diamond platinum Rolex. Where has this woman got to? It must be a quarter of an hour since the call. ‘Hello . . . Olivia? Did you send that woman up? She hasn’t arrived yet.’ The voice on the line answers in the affirmative. ‘Strange . . . ‘ I reply, ‘Oh well, could you reschedule my three o’clock? Thank you. Oh, and can you call the exterminators? The pigeons are back.’ I stroke my chin. Maybe she’s changed her mind. I should get back to work – I don’t want to waste the whole afternoon waiting for somebody not to come. I look at my computer screen and place my long, sturdy fingers on the keyboard but somehow my eyes are drawn back to the photographs on the wall and one in particular. Our first shed together . . .


We arrived at our new home, tired but happy. Being a romantic and a traditionalist, I insisted on sweeping her up in my arms and carrying her across the threshold. ‘Ouch!’ she cried as her head hit the shed roof. I agreed to move the new shed to the back garden to avoid a repeat. And so our married life, with all its ups and downs, began . . .


We tried various positions – round the back, on the side, up against a wall . . . but in the end we came to the conclusion that the bottom of the garden was only place for a really good shed.


She knelt before me on the shed floor and tugged gently at first, then harder until finally it cam. I moaned with pleasure. Now for the other boot . . .


I stared down at her, my hands on my hips. She’d been on her hands and knees for well over an hour. Finally I spoke . . . ‘Are you sure you lost your contact lens in here?’


Grey Sheds


‘Harder,’ she cried gripping the workbench tightly, ‘Harder!’ ‘Alright,’ I said. ‘What’s the gross national product of Nicaragua?’


My body writhed and quivered from the pain. I had learned my next lesson. Never again would I leave an upturned plug on the shed floor.


‘Are you sure you want this?’ I asked. ‘When I’m done you won’t be able to sit down for weeks.’ She nodded. ‘Okay,’ I said, putting the three-piece suite on eBay.


I was excited, but nervous. I’d been accepted into the BDSM community – Builders, Decorators and Shed Maintenance.


As I stared out at the army of strange creatures standing to attention on the lawn, I realized I’d mixed up the slug pellets and the Viagra.


I smile to myself, taking another sip of water. Married life was so happy and simple – a beautiful shed. But then one day, without warning, everything changed . . .


The soft, rhythmic motion rocked me gently as I headed home that day, blissfully unaware of what lay in wait. I looked blearily around the train carriage at my fellow commuters, the men nose-deep in their broadsheets, the women staring wide-eyed and rosy-cheeked at their paperbacks. I wondered what type or literature could be evoking such a flushed response. On closer inspection I was surprised to see that all of their books bore the same cover – a silver knotted tie on a dark background. My brow furrowed. Were today’s women really so fascinated by male formal attire? I was clearly out of touch – perhaps I should ask my own dear Brenda. However, when I arrived home I was surprised to find a letter waiting for me on the dining table: ‘Your dinner’s in the supermarket.’ I called her name but there was no reply. I searched every room until finally I found her, lying in the bath, surrounded by scented candles, reading THAT book. From that moment things would never be the same again . . .


sexy sheds


‘Punish me,’ she cried desperately, ‘Make me suffer like only a real man can!’ ‘Very well,’ I replied, leaving the toilet seat up.


She told me it turned her on to have her movements restricted when she made love. I looked around – I was going to have to get a smaller shed.


‘Are you sure you can take the pain?’ she demanded, brandishing her stilettos. ‘I think so,’ I gulped. ‘Here we go, then,’ she said, and showed me the receipt.


‘Pleasure and pain can be experienced simultaneously,’ she said, gently massaging my back as we listened to her Coldplay CD.


‘Now,’ she said, fiercely, ‘I’m going to take you by the collar and lead you naked round the garden.’ I was shocked – the poor vicar had only popped round for a cup of tea.


My whole body shuddered as she entered my Man Cave. I really must get a padlock for the shed door.


‘Hurt me,’ she begged, raising her skirt as she bent over my workbench. ‘Very well,’ I replied, ‘You’ve got fat ankles and no dress sense.’


60 sheds of grey



Ever since she read THAT book, I’ve had to buy all kinds of ropes, chains and shackles. She still manages to get into the shed though.


‘Happy birthday,’ she said, placing a riding crop in my hand and lowering her skirt, ‘Today’s your lucky day’. I couldn’t believe it – I was getting a pony!

—————————————————————————————————————————————–I froze when I saw the room full of masks, saddles and oddly-shaped battery-powered devices. That was it – no more drunk-ebaying for me.


She gazed up at me wide-eyed from the shed floor and bit her lip seductively. Unfortunately it was her top lip so she looked like a piranha.


By the time I’d finished, her bottom was bright pink – I’d mixed up the baby oil and the Thousand Island dressing again.


I’m a very naughty girl,’ she said, biting her lip, ‘I need to be punished.’ So I invited my mother to stay for the weekend.


‘I am your master,’ I commanded, ‘You will obey my rules,’ She rolled her eyes and walked out of the shed. That was definitely it – I needed to get a new cat.


sexy sheds of grey



As we stood there naked in Ikea, we came to an important decision. Next time only one of us would wear a blindfold.


‘Make me feel pain like I’ve never felt before,’ she pleaded, blindfolded and naked. ‘Alright,’ I said, placing the Lego bricks on the shed floor . . .


‘Yes, mistress,’ I replied. I didn’t dare argue as I bent over the workbench – I could see she had a strop on. At least, I think that’s what they’re called.


I told her exactly what she should do in my sternest and most dominant voice and awaited her response. Finally it came. ‘Please hold the line. Your call is very important to us . . .’


As we were discharged from the casualty department for the third time that month, we began to wonder whether we should change the safe word from Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.


We each dropped our keys into the bowl. Before long we’d be entering a world of forbidden delights. God, I loved those shed-swapping parties.


So this was it – it was really going to happen. Every man’s ultimate fantasy . . . Three In A Shed


I managed to stay calm as my wife expertly bound my wrists and ankles. Although I have to admit I did get a little nervous when she bundled me into the boot of the car . . .


‘You’re obsessed!’ she cried, slamming the door as she stormed out, ‘You love this shed more than me!’ I frowned. Obsessed? Me? Ridiculous! Shed be back. I mean, she’d be back . . .





But she wasn’t. Brenda never returned and once more I was alone. I retreated into my shed. I sought solace in my garden and the World Wide Web. I tried dating and social networking sites, soon becoming quite proficient at the lingo. It didn’t take me long to figure out the acronyms (PMSL – Painting My Shed Lovingly, LMAO – Lawn Mowers Are Ok) but for some reason, none of these sites yielded a companion. I gave up and found myself drawn to the darker corners of the internet and immersed myself in a twilight world of garden-based erotica, tawdry one-night sheds and online movies such as Last Tango in Homebase, The Red Shed Diaries and 91/2 Weeds . . . I started around the shed Brenda and I modified, and sighed. I stroked the leather studded workbench sadly. And then suddenly it came to me . . .


I stare at the photograph in the very centre of the group. Our shed. The one I eventually agreed to convert into our ‘playroom’. The one that sat empty for years until the day I inexplicably found myself opening its door again, looked around at the chains hanging sadly from the walls, stroked the leather studded workbench and . . . had an idea. Not just an idea. The idea. The idea that was to make my name. The idea that gave me this vast, sprawling desk in this vast, sprawling office and three quarters of this vast, sprawling metropolis. I walk slowly over to the door and open it to look at the brass plate affixed to the other side.
‘Colin T. Grey, CEO, Slea-Z-Sheds International’. I brush the gleaming brass with the cuff of my Armani suit and my face breaks into a proud and slightly sad smile.
I swivel round then immediately freeze, my heart pounding. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. After all this time. After all those sheds. Finally my open mouth begins to form words.
‘What . . are you. . doing here?’
‘Ssssshh . . ‘ she whispers, placing her finger over my lips.
‘But . . . It’s been so long,’
‘I know,’ she says softly, ‘the elevator was broken.’
‘No, I mean . . . ‘
‘I wanted to wait . . . until the time was right.’ She reaches into her purse and draws out a blindfold. ‘Come with me,’ she says raising it to my eyes.
I roll my eyes and bite my lip. Just when I thought I had finally reached a lighter shade of Grey, I can see that, once again, things are about to get darker . . .




Re Felting

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Shed Roof Re-felting

A Shed is only as good as its roof covering


All our shed , summer houses , workshops and cabins come with either a basic light weight or heavy duty green mineral type roof covering depending on what price range it is .

As with any product it comes in different qualities or gauge  or as it is know on the trade the Kg. 20Kg for you basic light weight  or heavy Duty 40KG .

The Kg basically means the weight of that roll of felt so the heavier thicker 40Kg will obviously last longer than the thinner lighter 20KG as there is more tar in it .

Up Grade Your New Shed Roof Covering

Polyester Torch On roofing felt

The next step up is more commercial grade which is lined with a polyester membrane and fixed by using a blow torch . This is a true long lasting and durable roof covering with a general life span in excess of 20 years.

Any building can be up graded to this superior covering at an extra cost and is a real long term investment .Check out our upgrade charges


Has you garden shed roof become damaged in the the high winds ?

Then we have the solution for you .

We can offer you a complete service where by we come to your house and re cover your old garden shed or summerhouse roof.

The price will obviously depend on the amount of work involved and how badly the roof has been effected? At this stage we can only offer you a very rough estimate which you can get from or product prices below.

The price guide below is based on an average job with NO repair to any timbers or replacing facia boards or the likes . Once you provide us with some photos / images we will be able to provide a much better and more accurate quote


You will need to provide us with some basic details of the shed or summerhouse you need re felting.

The size of the shed or summerhouse

The shape of the shed roof that needs re felting – Apex or Pent ( flat Roof)

Your Full address and post code as depending on where you are will increase the cost.

Shed Roofing Felt Qualities

We need to make you aware there are three basic grades of roofing felt suitable of sheds and summerhouses . Now as with any thing in life you only get what you pay for you will agree ? It all simply boils down to what you are prepared to pay for your timber shed / summer house / building to be recovered .

  • The most basic is the 20kg ( the 20Kg is basically the weight of the material ) so the heavier the thicker it will be and the more Tar it will contain. The we have the Heavy Duty 40 Kg as we use on our Heavy Duty Workshops and Stronger buildings

Polyester Torch on which is heat seals to the timber , a proper long lasting ( 25 years usually ) As you can see it will be your call, yes we are all limited by our spending power but do a cheap job and you may need to do it again much sooner than you think , especially with the UK weather lately .



Some times if you have left the roof for too long without repairing the problem the boards or support framework may have become damaged or even rotten is certain conditions.

Our basic prices we quote DO NOT include the repair of any timbers or supporting structures and this will need to be priced on an individual basis.

You will need to either send us some images via email or provide us with your full contact details so our self employed fitters can call around during their travels to give you an individual quote.

This work is NOT carried out by City Centre Sheds but directly with the contractors them selves , we are only acting as agents with this service passing on inquires for this and other Shed and Garden based work.



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Here at City Centre Sheds in Liverpool we can provide you a selection of Self Employed Contractors who can offer you a complete supply and Fix Price for a range of Timber Fencing Panels , with either Timber or Concrete Post and Base Panels .

As with any product you buy now days price is always a concern .

They are not in to the  low grade , cut corners type of products some suppliers are using to make out your are getting a better deal and will only supply good strong durable Timber Fencing Panels  from their own sourses .

Fencing supplied and fitted in Liverpool

Yes, there always will be someone capable of doing a job cheaper – or so it may seam ! but it is not until you get the next strong set of wind and gales will you find out they may have not set the post in ground deep enough . This and may , many other tricks are used by some of the cow boys you will come up against now days.

At the end of the day it is your hard earned money we are talking of here . If you can afford just to throw it away then more fool you.



There are a number of basic things you need to consider for your new Fence

  • Overall Heights
  • Concrete or Timber Post
  • Conceret or Timber Base Panel
  • Flat or Arched Panels
  • Singel Side or Duble SIded Fencing Panels


The biggest problem that is encountered on site when erecting Fencing is Dualing Between Nabours . Who pays for what ! If you both go half who gets the good side of the panels in not going for double sides fencing panels ?

We have seen it come to feisty cuffs on some occasions over this sort of thing and it can get very nasty , so we recommend you talk with your nabours and get something in writing from the start so you both know where you stand . As we all know our House in our Castle and people will defend their Ground !

The normal procedure will be for a quick site survey by the lads who will photo and video the area encase of any disputes later , once they have provided you with a Quote you will be required to pay a 75% deposit and the balance payable on completion usually . They will not get involved in disputes about getting next doors half of the payment ?

They will only deal with the pearson who made the enquiry and will expect payment from that pearson alone .It will be up to you the indvidual parties to sort out your diffrences and not us . We are sorry to have to bring this up but it is becoming and increasing problem now days .

Other Garden Services 

The Fence Erecting Lads also offer a wide range of other Garden Services including …

  • Timber Decking
  • Gates
  • Turffing
  • Lanscaping
  • Shed Bases
  • Removal of Old Garden Buildings
  • General Construction Work

Please send your enquiry and we wil pass it on to the Contractors concerned .

Fencing Articles

Installing Garden Fencing
When planting a garden, it is wise to consider some type of garden fencing for various reasons. Some people may think that keeping an open garden without fencing will look more attractive, and they may be correct, but there are some definite reasons for having a fence around some areas of your garden, if not completely around it.
If you are growing vegetables such as carrots, lettuce, tomatoes and such, once the plants begin to mature, the vegetables will attract critters, and if you want anything left for you to eat, it is wise to place a barrier between your garden and the animals. Garden fences can come in a wire configuration, which is easy to install around the perimeter of your garden. Inexpensive metal posts can serve as anchors, and the wire mesh can be placed around the garden very attractively in this manner. It is also easy to install a gate for easy entrance and exit.
In recent years, the vinyl fence has become popular, due to its strong construction aspect and the fact that it will last a long time. It requires no maintenance, and is very strong in protecting the garden from any pest or animal that may have its designs on your vegetables. The vinyl fences are treated with a coating that will withstand the longstanding effect that the sun can have on things.
The vinyl fencing comes in all kinds of styles and varieties to give you a wide choice of the kind of look you will want. They come in all sizes, from semi-private, lattice fences, and picket fencing. The popularity stems from the ability to get fencing that will complement the rest of the landscaping of the property as a whole.
If you have deer in the area in which you live, there is special fencing that can be erected in order to keep them out, so your entire crop doesnít evaporate in one nighttime feeding.
Smaller fencing can be used to cordon off different sections of your garden, simply to give an orderly division between plants. These fences typically are of a low height and can be made of any material that is attractive and will suit your taste.
Wooden fencing adds a distinctive style to any garden fencing arrangement, and it can be purchased at nearly every garden and outdoor store. The wood is usually treated at the factory against rotting and damage by pests. This will ensure its longevity and lasting qualities. Wooden fencing is a very attractive way to accent the garden, and give a stylish look that can blend well with the rest of the landscape.
Regardless of the fencing style that you may choose, there are practical reasons for fencing and there are reasons of landscaping style. Both reasons can be blended and both purposes can be achieved with a little planning. Get out and about and do some window-shopping to determine what fencing styles abound in your area, just to get an idea of what is available. There is nothing like seeing, and then you can begin planning your garden fencing in earnest.


Wood Working Tips

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Great Woodworking Tips

Wood is an amazing material to create items from. Woodworking can result in creative items, from tables to simple bookshelves. Knowing how to work with wood is important. Keep reading to learn how to become a more successful woodworker.

Once you have selected the best woodworking workshop from our great selection , keep up to date with our woodworking tips and hints on our Wood Working Blog Page

Select the correct wood to complete your project properly. Some wood is stronger than others, while other woods need to be soft for what it is you’re doing. If you are unsure of how each type of wood will react to what you are trying to accomplish, you should spend some time learning about them first.

TIP! One good product to use if you are staining your project is a conditioner, to be used before staining. By using these products, you are likely to avoid blotching or imperfections in the final product.

Do some dry fitting before applying glue and then piece the wooden pieces together. If you try adjusting things post-gluing, there’s a big chance that you’ll damage something. Dry-fits help you see what components go in what locations.

Look around your neighborhood and workplace for sources of free wood. Some business have excess wood pallets lying around and will give them away if you’ll collect them. Look online for some more ideas.

Use more than just tape measures. Story sticks can help you out and it’s wise to slowly work up to the cut you want. Practicing on scraps first is a great way to try various fittings. Having more than one way to approach a cut keeps things fresh and interesting, avoiding boredom and accidents from mental lapses.

TIP! Stair gauges may be just the ticket for crosscut guides. Clamp them on the carpenter’s square and be sure they match up.

Start out by using kits. These kits contain pre-cut wood to ensure your project is a success. That lets you focus on getting a handle on woodworking. This will save money too because you won’t make as many mistakes.

Try to keep an eye out for furniture others are getting rid of. These pieces will often have useful pieces of wood you can use yourself. Stop to think about other prospects before pushing aside what you’re seeing. If the dresser is not useful, do something with the drawers.

Something can always fly toward your eyes and cause damage. Wearing goggles can save your vision. Purchase a pair of goggles that fit on your head comfortably.

TIP! Are you aware that your workbench height is essential for having successful woodworking projects? It should hit at your midline. This is how tall your bench should be.

Several hand tools should be a part of your arsenal. The first tool you get needs to be a hammer. A claw hammer is the best type for woodworking. Select one that feels comfortable in your hand. You certainly don’t want a tool that’s too heavy to lift.

Your woodworking area should be well-lit. Whenever you are working with wood, you need bright light. That way, you can spot the areas that need more sanding. Also, extra lights will allow you to see that stain is being applied evenly.

Check the wood stain out that you’re using on a spot that’s inconspicuous first. The stain may not look as you expect, or you may have problems applying the stain that you didn’t foresee. By looking at the stain beforehand on a spot you aren’t too worried about, you can make some changes if you have to. This technique will save you a lot of work and headaches in the end.

TIP! When renting tools that you are unfamiliar with, speak with the company about getting a lesson on how to use it. Many times the people who work there will give you a quick demonstration on how to correctly use the tool.

It is important to be patient. Many people begin woodworking projects, but become frustrated when it takes so much time to finish them. Keep in mind that your finished project is somewhere inside that piece of wood. Patience will help you be successful at woodworking. Soon enough that project you’re working on will be finished!

Prep your wood for stain. You can do this by using pre-staining conditioner. These wood conditioners soak into the wood’s grain and helps it to evenly soak up the stain. Lastly, after your stain is on, use a rag to remove excess product.

Write down your measurements to get them right every time. Do this on both sides. If you can’t read your markings, use an address label.

TIP! A golf tee can fix loose door hinges. Take the door from the frame than then tap in the tee into the screw holes.

Rent tools instead of buying. Renting a tool that you’re using just once or twice will help you to figure out if it’s something you really need. The renter will also demonstrate how to use the tool in a safe and proper manner.

Most folks lack the ability to see all of the wonderful things a plain block of wood can be transformed into. If you are unlike those people, then you will enjoy the information contained here. These tips will help you enjoy woodworking.


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Placing an Order

1.1. By placing an order on this web site , our associated web sites or in person at our factory show site or agents you are consenting to the following Terms and Conditions.
If you are in doubt in any way with any part of the details below – please do NOT place an order with ourselves or our agents until have made your self totally comfit-able and full understand our terms. You are welcome to phone – 0151 345 6649 email to make an appointment so a member of staff can explain and elaborate any part of our conditions of sale you do not 100% understand
1.2. Our acceptance of your order brings into existence a legally binding contract. Seek legal advise if you are unsure and do not order until you are happy to do so.
1.3. Legal ownership of any goods will not pass to you until full payment has been received. By placing an order with ourselves you agree to this and will allow us full un obstructed access on to your property to allow us to remove our goods you have not paid for or there is any dispute regarding workmanship . You will do this without any let or hindrance what so ever during the hours of 8am to 6pm – 7 days a week . It will not be a matter of us trespassing on your property simply us entering your property as you have confirmed under this agreement.
As such you agree not to call the Police and waste public time and money by claiming we are trespassing when you are fully aware we are NOT Trespassing only retrieving our goods you have not paid for and for which you have agreed to allow us to collect due to none payment or dispute. This is a civil matter and not a Police ( criminal )matter
1.4. Should you obtain goods prior to full order payment, you accept that we retain the right to demand and receive immediate settlement of outstanding payment prior to transfer of ownership or grant us unrestricted access to reclaim the goods. At this point a cancellation process shall be instigated.


1.0 Full payment is expected before the building leaves our factory .

In the even we have made special arrangements with you which will be done via dated and timed email .  On some of our larger jobs over £10,000 we will allow you to pay a deposit of say 50% on order the 40% on the day before delivery the final 10% payable when the job has been completed. We do NOT offer credit , buy now pay later , send goods on approval or pay for it when it suites you type of arrangements.

In the case of any workmanship / material dispute we will allow you to hold back that 10% until we return to fix any issues but retain the right to remove our goods and offer a refund.
This does NOT entitle you with hold payment other than the 10 % mentioned above . We will charge a minimum £50 per week interest on outstanding amounts under £5000 £75 per week for £5001 to £8000 and £100 per week on £8001 plus
1.1 Credit Card Payments will attract an additional 4% surcharge if you have not ordered directly from the web site using its pre set pricing features . This is important as on the larger more expensive bespoke buildings and cabins this fee may start adding up to a sizable amount.This surcharge is a fee we are charged by the credit card companies for handling the transaction we do not make any money from this . The only way around this is to make a direct bank transfer ( details will be provided upon request ) We always recommend you by either card or bank transfer rather than cash , but this is ultimately the clients discretion .
2.1 Collecting of out standing dets – in the case of dispute and or outstanding payments we may use the services of an external dept collecting service to recover our monies . Any fees charged by these collection services will be added to your bill , so it is strongly advised you take legal advise before letting this issue get out of hand . By paying a deposit confirms your willingness to agree to all terms and conditions stated .
2.2. This site is a portal to not only buildings City Centre Sheds supply but also to other suppliers and retailers . So as such all prices shown on our websites or price lists are in (£) Pounds Sterling, and include any duty applicable that may need to be charged by that supplier. Because of the complex VAT laws some smaller suppliers are not VAT resisted or Zero rated because they do not claim back VAT on their purchases. All prices are current at the time ordered and rate, errors and omission excepted.
2.3. Free delivery is included in the price in the Merseyside / Wirral / Manchester Area unless stated otherwise, and an additional charge is applicable depending upon the delivery area and goods/services are required .

2.4. You shall be notified prior to acceptance of the order if there is an amendment or alteration to the price of the goods or services.

2.5. The manufacturers reserve the right to change the specification of their products at any time which is mainly due to Tech / Structural alterations that will eventually lead to a better product . If the price has been amended or altered, you will be entitled to cancel the order and receive a full refund where applicable.
2.6. Non refundable deposit of at least 10% for goods or services must be made at the time of order. Please take your time and DO NOT place an order until you have made what ever arrangements you feel you need to ensure you have your site ready for this new building . Do not commit your self to a delivery date when placing an order unless you have all your ground work and clear access to the site ready ..
2.6.1 None payment of goods on day of delivery – if you have not pre paid for your product and have opted to pay on the day of delivery – “Cash on delivery” . We expect payment before the lads leave the job or the building will be dismantled and removed Our profits are very tight now days and we do NOT offer credit or extended payment terms . Cash on delivery means CASH – NOT Cheque or credit card .
3.1. We will arrange delivery of the goods at the earliest opportunity and can not be held responsible for any time you may or may not have take of work and do not cover any money or financial loss you may have at this or any time .
3.2. All delivery dates or lead times stated are approximate only and are given by ‘The SUPPLIERS’ in good faith for indication purposes only. We cannot guarantee specific delivery dates or times, and cannot be held responsible for delays which are out of our direct control, including (but not limited to) manufacturing problems and third party contracted companies.
3.3. We shall not be responsible for any delays caused due to incorrect or incomplete information being submitted by the Customer or their agents .
3.4. Delivery only – any products that are marked for delivery only shall be made to the curbside/ roadside only and it shall be at the discretion of the delivery driver to move the goods to an alternative point at the delivery property. Unless you have paid for the erecting service or are making use of our Free erecting service , only one man will arrive with the building and can not be expected to lift heavy sections through your house or down drive ways on his own and if you feel you will not be able to assist then we need to know in advance.
3.5. It is your responsibility to provide suitable clear / clean of Dog Muck access for delivery, and notify us of any concerns, in writing, at the point of order. In this instance, you will be liable for any failed or return delivery charges. Within our standard quote we have only allowed for a two man delivery team who will deliver and instal the building with 30 meters of the point where the truck can park. As some our sections especially on our heavy duty workshops are extremely large , heavy and bulky . If when our team arrive and you have not informed us in advance they have limited access or walks of over 30 meters over a flat solid , level unobstructed surface.
3.6. A valid signature from you or your representative is required upon delivery, at which point you bear all responsibility and risk. Failure to provide or you not be available to sign we will take it that you will agree that you are happy with the goods and services we have supplied unless you inform us via email – of you concerns with 24 hours of that original delivery.
3.6.1. If you are not available to sign for the goods upon delivery, then either prior written acceptance of responsibility must be authorized by us allowing the goods to be left unattended. If written acceptance of responsibility is not received prior to delivery, you will be liable for the failed and/or return delivery charges. By making payment more than 24 hours after delivery has taken place it will be taken as confirmation you are happy with the product or services we have supplied and have no grounds for refund or re call.
3.7. Goods must be examined within a reasonable time of delivery ( 24 hours) and all damages or shortages or concerns must be reported as soon as possible firstly by telephone to 0151 345 6649 as we now record all phone conversations and thereafter via email as it is dated and times so there is no confusion. The Company will not accept any telephone claims which are not backed up immediately in writing via email. The simple facts are people tell lies and twist citations to suite them selves – dated emails do not.
3.7.1. No responsibility for transit damage will be accepted after 24hrs from time of delivery.
3.7.2. If damage has occurred to sectional goods during transit, each section will be classed as an individual item. We reserve the right to replace only the damaged sections, and can decline any replacement when damage has been caused by the customer through misuse, neglect, self-assembly, works carried out by others or incorrect storage. Minor superficial damage caused during transit will not be accepted as grounds for rejection or request for refund. Timber sections tend to be large, bulky and heavy and if you have any concern about any damage these sections may cause to any part of your property or out buildings , whilst being transferred to its site then you are at-lib to carry them through to site your self personally then the fitters can erect once you have the building in place . We will not deliver buildings to Premises where our staff consider it to be dangerous or the building may be of a historical nature or the client has not made clear unobstructed access to the site.
3.8. You should not begin installation, or arrange any third-party installation until the product has been fully inspected for damage , missing parts or has been made to the specification you have agreed on. We shall not be liable for any costs incurred by ‘The Customer’, should they fail to inspect and satisfy themselves that the product is sound and complete prior to self-assembly or continuation of any other works.
4.1. Some of our products are sold and supplied for self-assembly only so please check individual product’s and pricing structures.
4.2. If an installation service is available, and has been requested, The Customer must ensure that a flat, level and square base, capable of carrying considerable weight, has been provided before we arrive on site any delays while waiting for this base to be completed will be charged to you at a minimum charge of £50 per hour or any part of .
4.2.1. The site should be clear of overhanging branches or obstructions, and have sufficient unobstructed access (minimum 600mm) around the site for the safe erecting and maintenance of the building. If the base does not meet the required standards, when our fitter arrive  you will be liable for the aborted labour costs minimum £60 ( sheds ) £200 ( Workshops ) £500 ( Log Cabins )  or  (a minimum 10% of the product price , whichever is greater), and the product will be left for self-assembly. Up on receipt of the aborted labour fee we will then make separate arrangements to return and complete the job.
4.2.2. Should The Customer require a return installation service it will be carried out at time convenient to both parties involved and will not be dictated by the client.
4.3. The Customer must ensure that the installers vehicle can be parked as close as possible to the installation site. If a parking area cannot be located nearby the site, the installation may be abandoned and a return charge (as defined in 4.2.1. And
4.2.2.)The Customer will be liable for any costs incurred by the installation team (metered parking etc.) during the installation period. Or any Parking fines caused due to the client not providing safe of road parking.
4.4 The Customer must provide reasonable access to toilet facilities if we are on site for more than 2 hours. Failure to provide these facilities may require the lads to leave site to use other facilities near by . This extra time will be changed to you as quoted above at a minimum charge of £50 for lost time and inconvenience you have caused by not providing such facilities.
4.5 You the customer wili be responsible for the removal of all rubble / materials /packing cases / covering sheets once the fitters have finished the job of erecting your building . We have made No provision of Skips / Wagons or the likes to remove any waste as this will become your liability unless you have recieved a dated and time email quote for such services and paid the relevant fee.
5.1. If the goods have not been delivered, you can cancel the contract at anytime from the day the contract is made until the expiry of 14 days following the day after receipt of the goods ( Log Cabins Excluded )(except as defined in 5.2.). Cancellations must be made in writing either by fax or email. Letters are no longer classed as being reliable means of delivery
5.1.1. An additional charge may be made if the order is cancelled after delivery has been scheduled by a third party.
5.2. The Customer has no right to cancel at any time if the order includes special order items, non-standard options, adaptations, or personalized preferences. Buildings ordered for delivery direct to the customer from overseas (e.g. Log cabins) are non-returnable, and cannot be cancelled once shipping has commenced.
5.3. Minor cosmetic damage, and natural variances in timber buildings such as knots, natural cracks and shakes are not classed as imperfections or flaws, and not classed as faulty goods as they are naturally occurring factors you must accept when buying a soft wood timber building .
5.4. We will not accept any return or cancellation if the goods have been altered, assembled, painted or customized in any way.
6.1. We will not accept liability for any product which does not meet The Customers required dimensions, unless the exact dimensions have been obtained in writing from us, prior to order . All sizes shown are quoted as approximate roof sizes and NOT floor sizes , and may be changed at any time. This is especially important when you are ordering a custom / bespoke building.
Unless you provide us with detailed drawings setting out heights of windows / doors and any other features that are of concern to you then will provide what we consider to be our nearest thing too ! By this we mean using standard stock materials that meet and match up as they are placed on the bench during manufacture .
6.1.a. The biggest single problem we encounter is on larger buildings the sections are very heavy and bulky and these need to be made in a number of smaller parts . So as such due to timber shrinkage and movent it mat be the case where these sections do not line up when fitted on site . This is something you will simply have to accept unless you are paying for a premium upgrade where we need to buy longer and more expensive timbers . Once again any concerns you have over these facts will need to be put in writing with you full buildings requirements.
6.2. The Customer should check before ordering that the building will be suitable for it’s intended purpose and that it meets any planning regulations , local or national that may be in force for that type or size building . We can not offer any form of refund part or full due to your neglect in ensuring the building you have ordered meets local planning regulations for height or size .
6.3.The Supplier will not accept liability for any issues caused by the installation of any product by a third party.
6.4. If you do not receive goods ordered within 30 days of the date ordered (unless a longer delivery time had been agreed), we shall have no liability to you unless notified in writing at our contact address of the problem within 40 days of the date on which you ordered the goods.
6.4. If we (or our suppliers) are unable to supply your order, we will refund you in full as soon as possible. We will not be obliged to pay any compensation for disappointment or inconvenience or the likes.
6.5. We will not be liable( a) for losses that were unforeseeable to both parties when the order was made,( b) for losses that were not caused by any breach on behalf.
Timber Shrinkage or Damage
7.0 Timber is a natural grown product and as such it totally beyond our control and in the hands of nature . Although we hand select the timber the best we can , unfortunately we can be held responsible for any Shrinkage / Warping or Shakes what so ever as it is a naturally occurring event .
7.1 Your new building will have received a base coat of water based treatment as standard practise , how ever it is vital that ANY new timber be treated within its first 14 days with a high quality “spirt based” timber preservative . We will need to be informed via email with evidence of this process and include pictures so we can compare the before and after . Failure to do this very important process will immediately null and void your Guarantee
7.2.Your Timber Building must be treated on at least an annual basis is with a good quality “Spirit Based” preservative to ensure it stays waterproof . For our 10 year warrantee to be withheld you  will need document evidence of this fact that this process has been carried out correctly . We do offer an optional annual retreating service if required at an extra charge .
7.3 If you are not prepared to accept the facts stated above, we suggest you do not order a timber building and buy a man made . Plastic or metal alternative.
10 Year Warrantee 
8.1. Our 10 year warrantee cover all our timber garden buildings and is subject to strict terms and conditions.
8.2 The building must be treated at the very least every 12 months using one of our approved quality Timber Care Products . We must  see photo evidence of this work before and after work by sending us dated photos of that work .
8.3 Only a quality spirit based time preserve must be used. Cheaper water based treatments are NOT recommended
Our Prices
9.0 All our Prices are fixed at the very best possible Discount . We do not enter into bartering or haggling over prices .
9.1 All buildings must be pre paid in full before leaving our factory unless an agreement to pay Cash on Delivery has been made in writing via email.
9.2 We do NOT take Cheques or Credit Cards on delivery these forms of payment must be cleared before delivery
9.3 We do NOT offer credit terms
9.4 Our prices include FREE delivery and erecting in the Merseyside or within 30 miles from L10AH only – out side that area you will be expect to pay an additional delivery charge to cover the extra fuel which will be pre arranged .
9.5 Our prices quoted is standard drop down price does NOT include the any alterations – the adding of extra none standard windows – moving of door positions fall under our custom build prices . Whoever we are flexible on certain items but can NOT be held responsible if your requests are not carried out unless you pay extra . Our offer of alterations “free of charge”  are always subject to work load and what stock sections we have available at hat time and this offer may be with drawn at any time .
Complaints and Repairs 
10 In the event there is a problem with your new garden shed , summer house or cabin we will where ever possible get out to evaluate the problem or complaint within 3 weeks . Once our staff have been out and made their assessment we will deal with the issue in a timely manor which will normally be with 21 days of that VIST .
10.1 If after our staff have made a return visit to your building and carried out repairs / replaced parts and you are still not happy then it will be a case that you contact trading standards for their advise .
10.2 If you have made any alterations , cut holes , apertures or altered the building in any way we reserve the right to no deal with any issues these alterations may have caused  .
10.3 If you have fitted electric’s , water or any other out side services to that building without informing in writing and via email we reserve the right not to work on that building until those services are removed .
10.4 All correspondence must be due via a dated and timed email so there can never be any dispute about what has or has not been agreed . We DO NOT or will not make agreements over the telephone .
Timber Budlings – Roofs 
11. Certain timber buildings such as Pent single sloping roof sheds if not positioned in your garden correctly can be prone to prevailing winds , which cause water to be forced under the overlapping joint on the roofing felt . We must make it clear that if you intend to fit electric’s or any valuable items in to any sort of Pent single sloping roof shed you MUST pay for an upgrade to polyester torch on roofing felt .
11.1 We will NOT guarantee any PENT ROOF shed unless you upgrade the roof covering, as we erect our building FREE of charge you have NOT paid a FEE of any sort so we can NOT be held responsible for any losses or damaged caused. If in any doubt what so ever please take legal advise and  do not buy the building until you have done so .
11.2 Failure to comply with the above request will not entitle you to any form of refund be it partial or in full due to water ingression into that building unless it has been covered with the upgraded torch on roofing felt
Fitting of Electric’s in Timber Buildings.
12 It is now a legal requirement to have ANY electrical work carried out by an approved contractor be it in your home or your garden .
This is especially important in timber , should an electrical short circuit occur because of the nature of timber it could become a instant fire hazard .
12.1 We have seen an increase in the amount of insurance claims being made due to fire and as part of an agreement with our insurers that any client who installs electric’s into a building we supply MUST inform us in writing and via email – with document evidence that a fully qualified electrician has installed that service to the current regulations.
12.2 We as a business DO NOT instal electric’s or remove electric’s  as we have not got the correct legal qualifications to do so. However we can advise you to a list of local contractors who are legally able to do such work at an extra cost.
12.3 It is vitally important that you do NOT instal and form of electrical , insulation or lining in any building we supply until you have firstly inspected that building and are happy with its construction and any others services we may have provided .If we do not receive a dated email from you detailing your concerns and you continue with any form of work we can only conceder you are prepared to accept the condition we have left the building in by continuing with such work.
In the rare case we may have to remove the building and make a refund we will not be make be making any allowances  or refunding you for work you your self may have done on or in that building . By this we mean supping and fitting power or lights , lining and insulating and part of that build , as this was done totally at your risk as clearly stated above
Timber Playhouses
13.0 As explained above and within our site – Timber is a natural product and as such beyond human control , it does and will develop , splinters , cracks and other natural defects due to its it natural processes .
13.1 We highly recommend as with any product you intend your children to use . You the buyer / parent  fully inspect the building before letting any child use it . If you feel it is NOT safe in any way DO NOT allow any one to use that building until the issues of concern are dealt with either by your self in the case of naturally occurring problems or in the case of more major issues by our selves .
13.2  . DO NOT buy a timber based product of this nature unless you prepared to accept this fact . Buy a plastic or other man made material that can be stabilized .
Timber Treatments
14. Most of our sectional buildings receive a base coat of water based treatment , this is provided free of charge . It is vital you re treat you new building with the first few days  of it being exposed to the elements . It must be treated with a good quality branded spirited based and NOT a water based treatment . Failure to provide this vital coat of treatment will automatically null and void your warrantee with the suppliers ( see section 10)
15.We offer a full refund on any product we supply within 21 days of its original delivery to your site , but only on the grounds of disputed workmanship or generally quality of the product .
15.1. This refund is subject to the building being in as near to the original state it was delivered in
15.2 Any damage you may have caused by drilling into the buildings structure , any additional timbers you may have added at your expense will need to be assessed and a suitable deduction made for the damage you may have caused to that product . You must understand that building will need to be sold on again and by you drilling holes , painting it the color of your choice leave the building in a much less valuable condition . If this is the case we will take photos of the work you have carried out so as this can be used in our favour to show as evidence of the damage / alterations you have caused that building incase of any legal case that may be taken by either partie .
15.3 no matter how you may have paid in the first instance we will only ever refund via credit card system or Bank transfer or cheque , so as we have clear documented evidence that you have been correctly refunded . We do NOT refund by CASH even if you paid by CASH.
See payment Information Page for full refund information
Interlocking Log Cabins
16. These building generally tend to be much heaver construction compared to most other timber buildings and as such do not come under our normal conditions of sale relating to delivery . Because of their size and weight. In most cases our prices includes FREE with 100 miles of Liverpool but an individual price will be quoted based upon the post code you provide , plus the size and weight of the building.
16.1 Interlocking buildings do NOT fall into our Free erecting service . A separate individual price will be quoted for each and very building . The erecting price we quote of the web is  only a price guide and may NOT be the final price . As there are so many factors we need to consider such as access , ground conditions and much more , until you provide us with full details it must be taken that our price on this web site is only a guide . Once you have supplied more in depth information which will be passed on to the fitting teams you will then be provided with an emailed quote for that service .
16.2 A minimum 50% will be required for us to actually place and order with the Mill where the buildings are being manufactured . Once this deposit is cleared with 5 to 10 days you will be provided with a set of drawing via email . You will need to fully inspect those drawings and take into account any items or alterations you may have requested . At this point the building will not have gone into production . If you are not happy with or need any alterations then this is the time to do it , you will need to clearly mark on the plans and detail as best you can in writing and changes you may require . This will then be sent back to the mill where a fresh set of plans will be provided , again this new set of plans will be emailed to you for your approval . The longer you delay or keep changing things the longer your delivery will take . NO building will be put into production until singed plans have been emailed to us . We cannot be blamed for delivery delays due to your change of plans .
16.3. No refund will be given what so ever once the building has gone into production as you will have had may days if not weeks to change your mind and this building will be being made solely for you as per the drawings we have provided .
Changes To T+Cs 
in This contently changing times we live in we reserve the right to adjust and amend our T+Cs on a regular basis .
We strongly advise you look over these conditions before you place an order .
There is nothing sinister or underhanded within our terms , but what is happening generally with consumers is a certain element are trying to use loop holes and clauses or the shortage of them to obtain refunds , alterations or make false a malaises claims of promises or the likes

British Made

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Your Guide to British Made Timber Products

The British timber trade has a long history. In the Middle Ages, Britain had large domestic timber supplies, with the most common and famous British timber being oak. Later, however, as domestic supply became unable to meet local demand the British imported timber from the Baltic, and later North America.

Being an island, Great Britain has always been a major consumer of wood, and increasing shipbuilding demands in the run-up to the Industrial Revolution meant that domestic wood became incredibly expensive.

Even when iron replaced wood as a major component in shipbuilding, there were other industries that were huge consumers of wood, so it was difficult to find affordable timber for use in our UK Workshops making flooring, furniture, house-building, doors and other non-industrial products.

Importing timber was a popular option, but the quality of the wood that was imported was not always up-to scratch compared to British grown oaks and hardwoods.

Even today, British made timber products are regarded as some of the highest quality.

The UK Timber Industry

The British Timber industry is still an important part of the UK economy, to the extent that there is a major expo held in the UK, called the Timber Expo. This event is an important part of the UK construction industry’s calendar, and it tends to take place alongside the London Design Festival.

The Timber Expo promotes the latest and most innovative ideas in the world of British Timber. This year’s expo is due to take place on October 7th and 8th, and will focus on sustainable timber, the construction industry and innovation.

In 2013, the World scape was a core feature of the expo. The Expandable Surface System – a display made using a morphogenetic process from the bottom up, out of birch plywood sheets, was one of the most eye-catching displays, and there were other amazing plywood sculptures showing off how flexible versatile and strong timber can be.

Buying Timber

The best place to buy timber from is a specialist such as British Hardwoods or UK Oak Doors. These companies specialise in making domestic products such as doors, mouldings’ and flooring out of British Timber, and have many years of experience in producing high quality products.

Caring for Timber

British made timber products are in high demand because they are so high quality and durable. It is important that you take care of your purchase. Timber products are great long-term investments and if you look after them properly then they will give you many years of enjoyment.

When you purchase British made timber products it is likely that the installer or builder will give you some basic care instructions. You should, of course, follow their instructions to the letter. However, these rules of thumb will help you to look after your wooden product if the installer does not provide you with detailed instructions:

Firstly, if you paint or varnish a timber floor, wait at least 48 hours before placing furniture. This will give the varnish time to dry and set completely so that you do not end up with unsightly marks or dents.

Fit protective pads to the bottom of the furniture to reduce the chances of the floor being marked. If you are using furniture with castors, choose barrel castors over ball castors when a choice is available. Use protective matting to prevent damage.

Wait at least two weeks before laying rugs onto a coated floor, and clean the floor thoroughly before putting the rug down. If you fail to do this, then the dirt trapped under the rug could end up scratching, scuffing or otherwise damaging the floor.

Timber Does Change Colour

It is perfectly normal for timber to change color over time. Some woods get darker, while others tend to fade. Timber that is exposed to sunlight (such as external doors or moldings, or window frames) will fade or darken more quickly than timber that is kept indoors out of direct sunlight.

There is little that you can do to prevent this except to use an appropriate wood stain that is designed to protect the timber from the elements.

If the finish of the wood becomes scuffed, scratched or dented then it can be re-finished, filled in with wood filler and repaired.  The best way to clean hardwood timber products is to vacuum clean them with a soft bristle head or using an electrostatic attachment to remove the worst dust and grit. Stubborn dirt can be removed using a damp mop and a pH neutral cleaner. Do not use polish, household detergent, wax or steel wood pads on timber products because these can damage the finish and may even damage the underlying wood. In addition, use lint-free mops and make sure that you wash them before the first wash.

If you accidentally spill something on wooden furniture, wipe it up using a dry, absorbent paper towel. If you spill something sticky, moisten the cloth slightly to make it easier to pick up all of the spill.

Timber products that are designed to be used outdoors require special care. To keep hardwood timber furniture and decking looking as good as possible, clean it regularly and take some time to refinish it at least once a year. Some manufacturers may recommend that decking be refinished more than once a year. It is important that furniture be cleaned and wiped down regularly, because it is easy for mold, moss and algae to build up on wood if it is allowed to sit damp for a prolonged period of time.

If you are thinking of buying British made timber products, look for a reputable supplier that uses FSC certified wood.

This will help you to ensure that you are buying only sustainable British timber. Remember that timber bought from suppliers that use only sustainable grown wood is actually good for the environment compared to purchasing UPVC or other materials.

The carbon impact of sustainable furniture is quite low, so you are doing your bit for the environment if you buy it and take care of it.

10 Year Guarantee

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City Centre Sheds Anti-Rot Guarantee

All our Timber Garden Buildings are covered by our Basic 6 month Guarantee.

This DOES NOT include Storm Damage of any sort – You MUST insure your building against such events. If your building becomes damaged by storms or the likes we will not get involved with insurance companies as such. Official Insurance quotes will need to be paid for in advance and will be refunded of any subsequent purchase

This guarantee covers every aspect of your product including.

  • Roofing felt
  • Glazing
  • Ironmongery

In the very rare event a problem arises within 6 months of Shed or Summer House being erected you will be required to contact us

  • Via Phone and More importantly Via Email so we have a dated and time record of your complaint / concern.
  • We will also require photographic evidence on dated photo to assist us in rectifying the problem correctly.

The guarantee does NOT include shrinking / twisting / warping / Knot holes / Shakes or Splits in the timber as timber it self is a naturally curing product  and even after man made adjustments and machining it always will be a natural product that is beyond any human control .

How ever there are a lot of modern fillers and sealers available to us now days and as a gesture of good will we will always Endeavour to try and fix these issues that have occurred naturally and which are beyond our control . By this we mean our fitters will make a site visit when in your area , asses any issues and try and deal with them whilst they are with you . If not we will make a mutually agreeable date for them to return and make what repairs they can using what materials they consider suitable for that particular issue . It may be glue / or some form of expandable mixture depending on the conditions .

This is being done completely FREE of change as a good will gesture and no more.

Storm Damage

You will be required to have your building named on your House insurance as we do NOT cover Storm Damage as part of our Limited Guarantee.

Storm Damage is an act of Nature and totally beyond our Control and we can NOT be expected any way to be help responsible for any damage / loss what so ever if the Weather is so bad it up roots Trees / Power Lines and the likes , What chance does a Relatively Light Garden Building Stand. We will not come out to repair or replace any component or part of the building until we have received written instructions from your Insurance company that they will pay us for our repairs.

This includes Roofing Felt that may have been damaged or completely Torn of due to high winds and flying debere. It is NOT our responsibility in any way shape or form.

Although we are very sympathetic when these things happen , we are running a business not a charity and like your self require paying for our Time and overheads.

We will always try to assist the best we can , when we can and can usually quote your for repairs for which you will pre pay then possibly claim of your insurance company.

General Timber Information

As we all know Wood is a natural occurring product and as such is subject to environmental changes that are beyond any human control . Extreme changes in Temperature and bad weather conditions may well cause a reaction within the naturally occurring Timbers Structure.

Signs of boards shrinking or expanding may well occur and are perfectly natural and does NOT form part of any guarantee . Rough Sawn Timbers and machined / planed Timbers may well show signs shrinkage , expand or even split. This can NOT be controlled in any way and something you will just have to accept with the general timer grades now days. If you are looking of a none shrinking or boards that do not have any of these features you will need to be looking at buying a Cedar Wood or Hardwood shed which are many , many times the price you pay for a soft wood building .

If you are looking for or are expecting a building that does not have any of these potential defects we suggest you buy a plastic or steel building and do not order a timber building from either our selves or other suppliers as you will not get what you are expecting due to timbers naturally occurring features.

Any further advise on this issue please email and we will be more than pleased to help if we can.

None of the above will affect the overall structural strength of the Garden Building or the products general guarantee.

It is simply something you will have to except as being a Naturally occurring Process beyond Human Control . We obviously select the best timbers at the time of manufacture but if these events occur it will be due to Natural Reasons and no reflection on our Workmanship or Products.

The above issues will not constitute the need for any refunds in full or partial as they naturally occurring events beyond the manufactures or suppliers control. No refunds will be issued or replacements buildings provided against the above .  Please do not buy a timber building if you can not accept this facts and select a man made product instead .

City Centre Sheds 10 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee
City Centre Sheds now offer a 10 year Limited guarantee against rot to all or Timber Garden Buildings Purchased after May 2015

This Anti Rot Guarantee does not cover:-

  • movement, warping or splitting of timber as this is a Naturally Occurring Process
  • Roofing Felt / Roof Coverings
  • Ironmongery or other fittings and fixtures
  • Glass
  • Base Work

Terms of City Centre Sheds Limited Anti Rot Guarantee
You will  be required to registered your New Shed / Summer House or Workshop directly with City Centre Sheds Liverpool  within the first 30 days of installation or delivery of your Timber Building.

To be covered by this Limited Anti Rot Guarantee you will need to meet a number of conditions . It is NOT a Totally unlimited / Unconditional Guarantee and is offered completely FREE of Charge

  1. The Building must be installed on a suitable solid level base situated a reasonable distance away from walls / fences / hedges to allow for the air to pass freely around and enable you to treat the building as required on a regular basis
  2. The agreement will be void If any part or sections of the timbers are cut, notched or drilled without being fully re treated with a quality Spirit based Preserve
  3. .A quality Spirit Based ( Not Water Based ) timber treatment MUST be applied to the whole of the Building within 6 months of the original installation / delivery and then applied regularly at least every 12 months to maintain the general overall appearance of the timber and to comply with our conditions.

The Out Come

Should at any time during the first 10 Years of your New Building Life any of the Timber are be found to have rotted prematurely and providing all the qualifying conditions  have been followed . City Centre Sheds will supply New Timbers for you to Replace the affected Timber only.

The guarantee will become void and  invalid if any of the below items come into effect

If You:

  • customized or modified in any way with out our approval.
  • You are NOT original purchaser of the building.
  • It is moved from its original Location our erectors fitted.
  • You have not  been treating the building regularly – You will need to provide evidence each year that this has been completed by emailing us and include photos
  • You have not used the recommend quality Timber Treatment
  • You did not erect the building on a solid / Firm  base or raised from the ground in some way to allow for ventilation.
  • you have allowed any external walls / structures /  trees / shrubs /foliage allowing moisture or water to penetrate
  • Your base is Not solid and Level all over
  • The roof covering may have become damaged by storms and the likes and not been correctly repaired / replaced by our selves or an approved contractor .

Installing Your New Garden Building

It is vital above all else that your New Building is erected on a suitable Solid and Level Base that will allow a free flow of Air under and around the Building so as it dries out any Timbers after a wet period . This is the biggest cause of rot in Garden Building we know of and we can not be held responsible for any complaints about a building if these simple rules have not been followed.

It not only effects the Timbers life span but the general day to day use of you’re building , Doors and Windows will not close correctly without a Solid Level well prepared base. Any issues with any of these component’s will not be covered due to bad base conditions

If you are not sure at any stage simply contact us for useful advise.


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Size & Specifications

All sizes quoted on this web site for building are based up on approximate roof sizes and NOT Floor sizes 

If you are in doubt in any way do NOT order your building or lay a base until you have checked out these dimensions.

Timber Sizes


All timber sizes are quote are only ever approximate and can vary by a few millimetres , some of this is due to the fact timber swells and contracts as part of its natural process . Other reasons is they way the Timber industry has historically sold timber .

It is quite leagal to sell say a piece of T+G at say 16 x 125mm .This means it is 16mm Thick and 125 mm wide . BUT this is Nominal and before machining so that finished size could be any thing from 11mm to 13mm x 120mm to 122mm .

Same with any timber size realy, our 22mm is sold to us at  26 x 125 so we could legaly advertise it at 26mm thick cladding when in fact in real life it will be any thing from 24mm to 20mm. We have no way of telling as the main saw mills are in Norway / Sweden , it is not until it arrives at our door do we actually know the finsihed sizes .

So to make things a simple as possible we always try to show are prices at the nearst size AFTER it has been machined – ie 12mm ( may be 11 or 13mm ) and same with all other thicknesses , so please expect variations of a few mill either way .

If this is not acceptable to you and you want a very specific size or thickness , this is possible but at a premium. You will need to inform us via email at the time of order other wise it will be taken for granted you are happy with our our prices and sizes provided as standard .

DO NOT Place an order on our site of with our agents if you can not accept these Timber Industry Facts . We do not make wood we only buy it in and assemble it

The Framing

We have a selection of framing thickness depending on the product your purchase .

Apart from the odd budget shed we occasionally offer all our famwork will be 2 x 2 ( 50 x 50mm ) or 3 x 2 ( 75 x 50mm ) for workshops and heavy duty sheds

If you look at the main category section and not just the product it self it will usually have a more detailed spec within that page .

Our standard Apex Sheds all come with.

  1. 50 x 50mm framing –
  2. The sides ( eves) are 69 inch tall ( 14 standard T+G boards high ) this is one board taller than most of our competitors .

The hight at the top of the apex will change depending on the width of the apex section , the narrower the building  the lower that apex will be , but on the widest section it will never be any more than permited planning height which is 2.5m . because of the angle ( 15 degrees ) this max heigh will drastically reduce on the smaller narrow sheds under 6ft wide .

If you are looking for lots of head room then you will need to buy a wider apex shed or invest more money and purchase a heavy duty shed or workshop

Our Heavy Duty Sheds all come with .

  1. 75 x 50mm framing
  2. The sides ( eves) 76 inch tall  ( 17 standard T+G boards hight ) This extra heigh enables the door to be positioned any where around the building .

Virtually no internal hight isues with these building a 6ft 3in pearson can easily walk any where in these buildings once inside.

Once again because the roof angle ( 15 degrees)  the hight at the centre will change depending on width of Apex but with buildings up to 12ft wide they will comply with local planning regs

Floors / Roofs On Garden Buildings

We only use Soild T+G on all our floors and roofs on our whole range of timber garden buildings . We DO NOT use chip board or low grade OSB.

The floor T+G timbers will usually be the same thickness as the cladding apart from our Workshop range where no matter what thickness cladding the floors are allways 22mm . This is beuase of the size and weight become simply to heavy to handle .

A 12mm Shed will have a 12mm Thick Floor

A 22mm Shed / Workshop  will have a 22mm Thick Floor

A 28mm Shed / Workshop  will have a 22mm Thick Floor

Our Floor Bearers will ALWAYS run the length of the building – The longest way UNLESS you request other wise in writing / email . We wil NOT accept request for changes via phone as there will be no evidence of that request in the case of dispute on these matters.

Increasingly we are getting to site to erect a building where the client starts taking advise from the nabours / friends / family on the best way to do things ! They where told to put floor beares down this or that way ? without them having any idea and certainly without consulting us.

There is always some “ex Joiner ” or “know it all” who appears after the event giving his or her advise. DO NOT take advise from these people it is our job we do it every day , every year we will advise you FREE OF CHARGE . Most of the time these  “Joiner Experts”  ” Family Memebers” simple do not know what they are talikng about and cause  both you and us problems , they walk away – we have to deal with the problems they leave behind.

Important Note

It is vital you have a solid and level base , NOT sloping in any direction for you to take avantage of our FREE erecting service. If we get to site and you base is not suitable solid and level we reserve the right to drop of the building and will require full payment of any out standing monies.

We can offer you a call back service to erect that building. This call back fee will be a minimum of £50 depending on where you are , if you are any more than than 20 Miles we will need to nagosiate a price for this service.

If the base you have provided requires extra timbers or support , this will all be at an extra charge depending oin the materials involved. We do not carry these extra timber with us so it may well involve you paying not only for those extra timber but our call back service fees as well.

Having two staff sat in a truck traveling to you with the cost of / fuel and expenses are NOT cheap now days. We can not be expected to cover these costs our selves if it was you the client who has caused the problem.

As you where NOT charged for the erecting service in the first place, it causes us great expense and inconvenience having to return to a job because of a situation you the client has caused by not seeking or using our advise provided throught our web site or over the phone. A 5 min call or quick email is all it takes.

Roofing Felt

We only use new idustry approved tar based roof felt, but as with any product it is avalable in diffrent grades.

Roofing felt is supplied and sold by weight and length.

Most popular is the standard 20KG  10m or 20m rolls this basic felt is used on all our standard apex and pent roof sheds and is overlaped and fixed using galvanised staples.

Next we have our heavy duty 40KG agin in 10m or 20m rolls , this is as it looks double the thickness compared to the basic felt so obviously a much longer lasting produt . This 20KG felt is used on all our heavy duty sheds and garden wokshops as standard

Sheds Manchester

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Manchester Garden Shed Suppliers

Sheds – Summerhouses Manchester

Sheds Supplied – Fitted Greater Manchester

City Centre Sheds (Manchester) has been Supplying Greater Manchester and surrounding areas with Garden ShedsLog Cabins & Summer Houses for over 30 years.

Although our main factory and distribution centre is based in Liverpool, Merseyside, over the last 30 years we have had very close ties with the Manchester community. Until the last few years we had two show sites in Greater Manchester – One in Salford and the other in Stockport

The styles and types of sheds our company offers to the citizens of Manchester as well as the surrounding area is as diverse as the city itself.

We will produce, supply & install garden sheds in ManchesterSalford, BoltonBuryOldhamRochdaleStockportTamesideTrafford, and Wigan, these are just the larger urban areas of manchester where we will deliver & install a garden shed of the size and type that you require.

Give our industry experts a phone call on the contact number above and we’ll make sure you get the very best garden shed

Sheds in Manchester, Log Cabins In Stockport, Summerhouses In Salford, Workshops In Wigan, Garages In Bolton … no matter what your timber building requirements, our company is here to help …

Sheds Manchester – What Type of Sheds We Supply

Big Garden Sheds
Bike Sheds
Potting Sheds
Pent & Apex Roofed Shed
Heavy Duty Sheds
Security Shed
Corner Sheds
Garden Storage Shed
Garden Cabins
Wooden Garages
Summer Houses
We have noticed over the last 2 years a trend of people moving away from the basic garden shed to either a dual use building like a Summerhouse with a storage shed attached or an interlocking log cabin style timber garden building, again with some form of additional storage.

Sheds Manchester – Log Cabins

Garden cabins have become really popular especially as temporary accommodation for children and visiting friends as they are quick to erect and a lot less mess compared with traditional building methods.
If you use the menus on the left hand side of this page it will take you to the individual products and their prices

Sheds Manchester – Offer a Full Service

If you live in the Manchester Area we can offer you a full Bespoke Garden Shed Made to Order and can include a full turnkey option including electrical connection and plumbing across our range. We can install shed bases even remove your old garden shed

Some people like to sort their own bases and the removal of an old building . Then there are some of us that either simply do not have the time or the resources to do it! We can take away all that stress and hard work by doing it for you . Full details of prices can be found either on this page or in the main side menu

Sheds Manchester – Wooden Garages 

We manufacture a vast range of wooden garages , from a basic sectional 12mm clad to an interlocking Log cabin style 70mm thick and every possible combination in between.

Along with a vast range of stock design garden buildings , we are able to offer you a fully custom made Wooden Garage at very competitive prices
Check out our site for Price Guides for laying a Solid Flagged Base and `Removing your old building in Manchester- so you can have the whole thing taken care of in one go by ourselves
Manchester is a lot  like Liverpool where we are based is and ever expanding City. Greater Manchester covers a large footprint from the North with its border with Lancashire , South to its border with Cheshire .
With the M62 motorway it now only takes us 30 minutes to get from Liverpool to Manchester so it falls under our local delivery area.