14 x 6 Heavy Duty Shed

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14 x 6 Heavy Duty Shed

14 x 6 Durable Sheds will be hand crafted making use of twice the quantity of wood as typical garden sheds with heavy duty flooring and heavy duty products used in the roof covering. High quality garden sheds are additionally categorized by using galvanised ironmongery.
The more robust, heavier 75mm by 50mm (3" X 2") framing guarantees that these types of extremely strong storage sheds are actually made to last a long time if cared for fairly often .
We offer a ten yr Guarantee on all our 14 x 6 heavy duty storage sheds
The reality that they're created in an established way we take great pride our selves with our products and services supplying the best general value for your money pound for pound.
These kinds of sturdy garden sheds will probably be your solution to long-term secure and practical storage at home or work . These kinds of Solid Storage sheds are normally offered in sections for do it yourself installation. Nevertheless the majority of our customers who acquire one of our 14 x 6 heavy duty Sheds we offer the option of us constructing the Outdoor storage shed on their behalf - Generally as part of the Shipping and delivery Charge .
Because of our overall flexibility, Windows and Doors can be placed in numerous positions based on your own personal choice. No matter what it is we can assist
No matter what space and storage space alternatives are needed, solid sheds are definitely the practical option that will last the test of time together with nominal amount of after treatment
Our constructions are constructed in such a manner they can withstand every aspect of the Uk climate. Floors, Windows and doors can all be customised to deliver the exact building you actually need.
14 x 6 Heavy Duty Storage Shed Features Include:
Pre-treated water based treatment
Full tongue and groove fabrication
Door may be positioned in any side or end walls
70 x 50mm framing all through the building
Joinery Quality Fixed windows
Heavy Duty Roofing Felt
Heavy Duty Shed Sizes:
Width: 14'
Depth: 6'
Eaves Height: 6ft 4in
Ridge Height: Differs dependant upon breadth of garden shed, nevertheless, is definitely beneath 8' to comply with planning rules.
All Of The Heavy Duty Storage Sheds Incorporate:
Heavy duty Floor
Safety Choices
Roof Covering Choices

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